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Caprice - Hava

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Caprice 1 .. The word later became associated with Italian "capra", referring to the goat, an animal whose sudden changes in direction and jumps indicate capriciousness .. Caprice is common (Top 57%) as a female name, and it occurs frequently (Top 98%) as a last name in the US Census. See also Catrice. [Capreece, Capriana, .. 3 more]

Eva 2 .. Source fr. Hebrew word. "Life, animal." Name suitable for both girls and boys. Very well-received as a birth name (#82 in 2014), Eva is also used somewhat regularly as a last name. The variations Evie and Ava are commonplace as variant forms of this name. .. [Ava, Eeva, Evah, Evaline, Evina, .. 8 more]

Eve 3 .. From Latin, Hebrew languages. "Life, animal." Eve is common (Top 18%) as a female name, and it occurs frequently (Top 38%) as a last name in the US Census. The forms Ewa, Evie, Eveline and Eva are generally used as versions of Eve. .. [Aoife, Eba, Eva, Evelina, Evetta, .. 17 more]

Fauna 4 In Roman mythology, the goddess of nature and animals, who was famous for her chastity. Fauna is unusual as a female name. See also Fawne. [Faune, Fauniel, .. 2 more]

Hava 5 .. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Life, animal." Hava is uncommon as a women's name. The form Eva is familiar as a variation of Hava. .. [Chaba, Chaya, Eve, .. 5 more]

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[Caprice - Hava]
Caprice [Capri, Caprise, Capreece, Capriana, Capricia], Eva [Evia, Evie, Evani, Evina, Evita, Jieva, Evaline, Evamarie, ..], Eve [Ewa, Evy, Evie, Evvy, Evita, Evvie, Evlyn, Evonne, ..], Fauna [Faune, Fawna, Fauniel, Fauniella], Hava [Eve, Eva, Haya, Chava, Chaya, Chaba, Kaija, Chayka]

[Linnea - Rima]
Linnea [Linea, Linna, Lynae, Lynea, Lynnae, Linnae, Lynnea, Linnaea], Melisande [Melesande, Melysande, Melissande, Melisandre, Mellisande, Melisandra, Melissandre, Melyssandre, ..], Rima