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Anne - Annora

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Anne 1 .. The English form of Hannah .. Common surnames, like surnames Dunne, Renne, which also end with -nne. [Aine, Anci, Anechka, Anelie, Anika, Anissa, Anjanette, Anke, Annabelle, Annelore, Annora, .. 85 more]

Annora 2 .. "Honor." Annora, like Ancira, Andra, is a common last name with the An- prefix. English variant and phonetic version of .. [Anora, Honora, Nora, .. 4 more]

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[Anne - Annora]
Anne [Oni, Nita, Onie, Nona, Ninor, Nonie, Ninon, Ninoshka, ..], Annora [Nora, Honor, Norah, Onora, Anora, Honora, Anorah]