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Apollonia - Madonna

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Apollonia 1 .. In art she is often portrayed with a pair of tongs and an outsized molar. Apollonia is rarely occurring as a first name. [Abbeline, Abbelina, Appoline, Apollyne, .. 6 more]

Bianca 2 .. The name Bianca can also be used as a short form of Biancaitian, a different name for the Japanese Buddhist Goddess Benzaiten, the known as the Goddess of knowledge, beauty, eloquence and art. Bianca is commonly occurring (Top 17%) as a feminine name, appearing often (Top 43%) as a surname according to the US Census. The variation Blanche is common as a form of the name. [Beonca, Beyonca, Bianka, Blancha, .. 6 more]

Clio 3 .. There are nine muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and each represents an art or science .. Unique as a baby name. See also Clea. [Cleo, .. 1 more]

Ivory 4 .. Stems fr. Latin word. "Hard tusk used for carving fine art and jewellery." Ivory is prevalent (Top 32%) as a first name, and it occurs commonly (Top 4%) as a last name in the US Census. [Ivoreen, .. 2 more]

Madonna 5 .. Also used by Catholics to signify the Virgin Mary, or a work of art depicting her as a mother .. Madonna has faded in popularity as a given name for girls over the years. See also Madina. [Madona]

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[Apollonia - Madonna]
Apollonia [Apolena, Apolline, Apollyne, Apolonia, Appoline, Apollinia, Appolonia, Appolinia, ..], Bianca [Bianka, Bianey, Bionca, Blanca, Byanca, Biancha, Blancha, Blanche, ..], Clio [Cleo, Klio], Ivory [Ivorie, Ivoreen, Ivorine], Madonna [Madona]

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Siena [Sienna], Urania [Uranya, Ourania, Ouranie, Urainia, Uraniya]