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Beautiful Names

Page 1/11. 215 Beautiful names and what they mean, for beautiful, fair, beauty, pretty, lovely, attractive, charm for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Handsome names for boys.

Abigail .. Biblical: the name of King David's third wife, described as "good in discretion and beautiful in form" ..
[Abagael, Abagail, Abagale, Abageal, Abagil, .. 36 more]

Abila .. (Latin) "Beautiful." ..

Adamma .. (Igbo) "Beautiful child."

Adara .. (Arabic, Greek, Hebrew) "Beauty."
[Adra, Adrah]

Adila .. (Arabic) "Righteous, fair." ..

Adonia .. Greek mythology: Adonis was a young man so beautiful that Aphrodite, goddess of love, became enamored of him .. The name Adonis has come to epitomize male beauty.

Aeronwen .. (Welsh) "Fair, blessed berries." ..

Albinia .. (Latin) "White, fair." ..
[Alba, Albina, Albinka, Alva, Alvina, .. 1 more]

Alika .. (Nigerian) "Most beautiful." ..

Aline .. In Scotland, it is sometimes used to mean "lovely".

Amelinda .. Combined form of "beloved" and "pretty".
[Amalinda, Amalynda, Amelindah, Amellinda]

Angel .. The influence of the word "angel" makes the name an affectionate term of address for a good (or pretty) little girl ..
[Ang, Angelea, Angle]

Angela .. The word "angel" is also used as an affectionate term for a good (or pretty) girl ..
[Aingeal, Andjelija, Andjelka, Ange, Angel, .. 42 more]

Anwen .. (Welsh) "Very fair."

Aoibheann .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Beautiful." ..

Aoife .. (Scottish, Irish, Gaelic) "Beautiful, radiant." From "aoibh" meaning beauty ..

Aonani .. (Hawaiian) "Beautiful light."

Arden .. Literary: the Forest of Arden in Shakespeare's "As You Like It" was a magically beautiful place ..
[Ardeen, Ardena, Ardene, Ardenia, Ardin, .. 1 more]

Arlene .. Made famous in the 1950s by American actress and beauty columnist Arlene Dahl ..
[Arla, Arlan, Arlana, Arlean, Arleana, .. 24 more]

Aryana .. (Farsi, Persian) "Pretty Eastern girl."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Beautiful names: Abigail, Aline, Angel, Angela, Arlene, Aryana

Abigail, Aline, Angel, Angela and Arlene are commonly used names, while Abila, Adamma, Adara, Adila, Adonia, Aeronwen, Albinia, Alika, Amelinda, Anwen, Aoibheann, Aoife, Aonani, Arden and Aryana are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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