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Beauty Names

(See: Beautiful Names)

Page 1/2. 37 Beauty names and what they mean, for beauty for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Handsome names for boys.

Adara .. (Arabic, Greek, Hebrew) "Beauty."
[Adra, Adrah]

Adonia .. The name Adonis has come to epitomize male beauty.

Aoife .. From "aoibh" meaning beauty ..

Arlene .. Made famous in the 1950s by American actress and beauty columnist Arlene Dahl ..
[Arla, Arlan, Arlana, Arlean, Arleana, .. 24 more]

Aspasia .. The famous Athenian statesman Pericles had a mistress named Aspasia, who was noted for her beauty and wit.

Aurora .. In some versions of the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty", the princess's name is Aurora ..
[Aurea, Aurore, Ora, Rora, Rory, .. 2 more]

Belinda .. It was used by Sir John Vanbrugh for a character in his comedy "The Provok'd Wife" (1697) and by Alexander Pope for the society beauty in his poem "The Rape of the Lock" (1712) ..
[Bel, Belenda, Belindra, Belle, Bellinda, .. 7 more]

Belita .. (Spanish) "Little beauty." ..

Blanche .. It became associated with whiteness as in purity, and beauty ..
[Bellanca, Bianca, Blanca, Blanch, Blanka, .. 2 more]

Callidora .. (Greek) "Gift of beauty."

Calligenia .. (Greek) "Daughter of beauty."

Callula .. (Latin) "Small beauty."

Capri .. Name of the Italian island famous for its beauty ..

Charis .. Mythology: a reference to the Three Graces (Greek "kharites"), symbols of womanly beauty, charm, and inspiration ..
[Caressa, Carisa, Carisia, Carisse, Carrissa, .. 22 more]

Cleopatra .. She is portrayed as a passionate woman of great beauty ..
[Clea, Cleo, Cleona, Cleone, Cleonie, .. 2 more]

Cosima .. (Greek) "Order, beauty." ..
[Cosma, Cosme, Kosma]

Diana .. Noted for her beauty and fleetness, Diana is often depicted as a huntress ..
[Danne, Dayann, Dayanna, Dayanne, Deana, .. 29 more]

Elegance .. (English) "Refinement, grace, beauty." ..

Emer .. In Irish legend, Emer was Cú Chulainn's beloved, a woman blessed with the "six gifts of womanhood", which are beauty, a gentle voice, sweet words, needlework, wisdom, and chastity ..
[Eimear, Eimer, Eimhir]

Fidelma .. In Irish legend it is borne by a daughter of Conchobhar mac Ness, a female warrior known for her beauty ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Beauty names: Arlene, Aurora, Belinda, Blanche, Diana

Arlene, Aurora, Belinda, Blanche, Charis, Cleopatra and Diana are commonly used names, while Adara, Adonia, Aoife, Aspasia, Belita, Callidora, Calligenia, Callula, Capri, Cosima, Elegance, Emer and Fidelma are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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