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Betrayed names and what they mean, for betrayed for females.

Blodwedd - Sheherezade

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Blodwedd 1 .. Later, because she betrayed the man, she was transformed into an owl, and her name was changed to Blodeuwedd, meaning "flower face", referring to the markings around the eyes of the owl. Only rarely used as a girls' name.

Sheherezade 2 .. Having been betrayed by his first wife, the husband had resolved to marry a different virgin each day, and kill at dawn .. Sheherezade is scarcely used as a feminine name. [Scheherezade, Sharazad, .. 2 more]

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[Blodwedd - Sheherezade]
Blodwedd, Sheherezade [Sharizad, Sharazad, Shahrazad, Scheherezade]