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Adamina 6 .. Biblical: God created Adam out of the "red earth". Adamina is uncommon as a female name. The forms Minna and Ada are generally used as versions of Adamina. [Ada, Adameena, Adaminna, Ademeena, Mina, .. 4 more]

Adin 7 .. Appears in the Old Testament as a male name. Also used as a boys' name. A name for baby girls that is not broadly used. [Adina, .. 1 more]

Anna 8 .. Biblical: a devout woman who saw the infant Jesus presented at the temple in Jerusalem .. Anna is common (Top 1%) as a women's name, occurring regularly (Top 28%) as a surname according to the US Census. The forms Annika, Annalee and Ana are familiar as variations of Anna. [Ana, Anja, Annabeth, Annalee, Anneke, .. 13 more]

Aphra 9 .. The respelling of the name to Aphra may be due to Aphrah as biblical place name, meaning "dust" .. Aphra is unusual as a female name. See also Affra. [Affera, Affery, .. 1 more]

Ariel 10 .. Biblical place name for Jerusalem .. A name used for both women and men. Ariel is a common (Top 26%) female name, and it occurs frequently (Top 66%) as a last name in the US Census. The form Arielle is generally used as a version of Ariel. [Aeriel, Aeriela, Arie, Ariele, Ariella, .. 6 more]

Artemisia 11 .. Also variant of Artemis and a version of Artemas, a man's name from the Bible .. Only sporadically used as a birth name. [Artemesia]

Asenath 12 .. Biblical: Joseph's Egyptian wife. Asenath is an uncommon female name. [Acenath]

Athalia 13 .. Biblical: Athalia was wife of the King of Judah. Only sporadically used as a given name. See also Adalia. [Atalee, Atalie, Athalie, .. 3 more]

Azalia 14 .. Azaliah is a male name meaning "reserved by God" in Hebrew, and is borne by a minor biblical character. A given name for girls that is only scarcely used. See also Azelia.

Azania 15 .. From the male name Azaniah, borne by a minor biblical character .. A name for baby girls that is not broadly used. See also Avania.

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