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Biblical Names

Page 2/7. 122 Biblical names and what they mean, for biblical for baby girls, listing 21-40.

Bethany .. Biblical: the name of the village near Jerusalem where Jesus stayed during Holy Week, before going on to Jerusalem and crucifixion ..
[Bethanee, Bethaney, Bethani, Bethanie, Bethann, .. 5 more]

Bethel .. Biblical place name: the spot where Abraham built an altar.
[Beth, Bethell, Bethelle, Bethuel, Bethuna, .. 1 more]

Beulah .. Biblical: a name symbolic of the heavenly Zion ..
[Beaulah, Beula, Bewlah, Bulah, Byulah]

Carmel .. Biblical place name: Mount Carmel is in Israel near the city of Haifa, and is often referred to as a type of paradise ..
[Carma, Carmaletta, Carmalit, Carmalita, Carmalla, .. 40 more]

Casiphia .. A biblical place name.

Cesia .. Biblical: name of Job's second daughter.
[Kesia, Quesia]

Cherith .. Biblical: a dry riverbed in which the prophet Elijah hid from King Ahab ..
[Cheryth, Kerith, Kerrith]

Cheryth .. Blend of Cherry with Gwyneth, influenced by the biblical place name Cherith.

Cilicia Biblical: a province mentioned in both Old and New Testaments ..
[Cilicea, Salicia]

Claudia .. Biblical: a Christian woman of Rome greeted by Paul in his second letter to Timothy ..
[Cacau, Claude, Claudee, Claudella, Claudelle, .. 15 more]

Damaris .. Biblical: an educated woman who heard Paul speak at Mar's Hill, the open-air supreme court of Athens.
[Damalas, Damalis, Damalit, Damalla, Damara, .. 14 more]

Danna .. Dannah is a biblical place name.
[Dana, Danelle, Danette, Dani, Dania, .. 15 more]

Dara .. Biblical: the name of a descendant of Judah noted for his wisdom ..
[Darah, Darda, Dareen, Daria, Darian, .. 6 more]

Deborah .. Biblical: a prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an invading army ..
[Deb, Debb, Debbee, Debbera, Debbey, .. 19 more]

Delilah .. Biblical: the woman who beguiled Samson into revealing the secret of his superhuman strength.
[Dalila, Delila, Lila, Lilah]

Dinah .. Biblical: Jacob's only daughter ..
[Dena, Dina, Dinora, Dinorah, Dyna, .. 1 more]

Dorcas .. Biblical: a woman who "abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy" ..
[Dorcass, Dorcie, Dorkas]

Drusilla .. Biblical: daughter of Herod Agrippa and wife of Governor Felix ..
[Drewsila, Dru, Drucella, Drucie, Drucilla, .. 6 more]

Eden .. Biblical: the name of God's garden paradise for Adam and Eve.
[Eaden, Eadin, Edenia, Edin, Edyn]

Edna .. Biblical name from the apocryphal Book of Tobit, from Hebrew ednah, and hence connected with Eden ..
[Eda, Eddi, Eddie, Eddna, Eddnah, .. 4 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Biblical names: Bethany, Bethel, Beulah, Carmel, Claudia, Damaris, Danna, Dara, Deborah, Delilah

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Biblical names: Dinah, Dorcas, Drusilla, Eden, Edna

Bethany, Bethel, Beulah, Carmel, Claudia, Damaris, Danna, Dara, Deborah, Delilah, Dinah, Dorcas, Drusilla, Eden and Edna are commonly used names, while Casiphia, Cesia, Cherith, Cheryth and Cilicia are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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