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Biblical Names from Adamina - Azania

Page 2/14. 134 Biblical names and what they mean, for biblical, testament, bible for females. Listing 6-15.

Adamina .. Biblical: God created Adam out of the "red earth".
[Ada, Adameena, Adamine, Adaminna, Addie, .. 4 more]

Adin .. Appears in the Old Testament as a male name.
[Adina, Adeana]

Anna .. Biblical: a devout woman who saw the infant Jesus presented at the temple in Jerusalem ..
[Ana, Anique, Anja, Ann, Annabeth, .. 13 more]

Aphra .. The respelling of the name to Aphra may be due to Aphrah as biblical place name, meaning "dust" ..
[Affera, Affery, Afra]

Ariel .. Biblical place name for Jerusalem ..
[Aeriel, Aeriela, Aeriell, Arie, Ariela, .. 6 more]

Artemisia .. Also variant of Artemis and a version of Artemas, a man's name from the Bible ..

Asenath .. Biblical: Joseph's Egyptian wife.

Athalia .. Biblical: Athalia was wife of the King of Judah.
[Atalee, Atalia, Atalie, Athalee, Athalie, .. 1 more]

Azalia .. Azaliah is a male name meaning "reserved by God" in Hebrew, and is borne by a minor biblical character.

Azania .. From the male name Azaniah, borne by a minor biblical character ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Biblical names: Anna, Ariel

Anna and Ariel are commonly used names, while Adamina, Adin, Aphra, Artemisia, Asenath, Athalia, Azalia and Azania are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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