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Birthday Names

6 Birthday names related to or that mean birthday for girls, listing Birthday baby names 1-6. Latasha, Natalie, Natalya, Natasha and Tasha are popular names. Antalya is an uncommon name. View Birthday baby names below for name meanings.

Antalya ... Also an anagram of the Russian name Natalya, meaning "birthday".

Latasha ... A La- name based on Natasha, meaning "birthday" ...

Natalie ... "Birthday." Refers to the birthday of Christ, or Christmas ...
[Nastassja, Nat, Nata, Natala, Natale, ... 41 more]

Natalya ... "Birthday." Russian name from Natalia which derives from Latin "natšlis" meaning "birthday" ... especially Christ's birthday (see also Noel) ...

Natasha ... "Birthday." ...
[Nastaliya, Nastalya, Nataasha, Natacha, Natachia, ... 22 more]

Tasha ... Short form of Natasha (Russian) "birthday" ...
[Latasha, Tahsha, Tasenka, Tashey, Tashi, ... 9 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Birthday names: Latasha, Natalie, Natalya, Natasha, Tasha

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Jubilee ... Term for a fiftieth-year anniversary celebration of the liberation from Egypt ...

Jubilee ...


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