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Black names and what they mean, for black, dark, night, deep for women. Here is the list of Dark names for boys. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in 2014 (usage of 0.2152%), except for names such as Brenna, Ciara, Kerry, Lela and Shirley which have fallen out of fashion. The most fashionable names for newborns in this list are Blake (#589), Kali (#262), Lilith (#635), Penelope (#42) and Phoenix (#494), with Penelope having a rebound in popularity.

Amaya - Ciara

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Amaya 1 .. Source fr. Basque, Japanese elements. "night rain." Amaya (top 1%), like Olaya (top 25%), Akkaya (98%), is a common -aya suffix last name. Also a place name for a .. [Amaia]

Angel 2 .. .. as an American Black girl's name. Angel (top 10%) and Angle (61%) are prevalent female names, whereas Ang and Angelea are irregularly used. [Ang, .. 2 more]

Aphra 3 .. a nickname for a dark person .. Affery and variants are rare as girls' names. [Affera, .. 2 more]

Ashanti 4 .. .. in modern American black families as .. Somewhat popular as baby names, Shanti, Ashanti, etc. are pronounced like the popular Shanda. [Asante, Ashanta, Ashantae, Ashantay, Ashantee, Shantee, Shauntee, .. 8 more]

Blake 5 .. Root fr. Old English element. "Black, dark; pale." Blake is recognizable (top 98%) as a women's name. Surname used as a given name. [Blakelee, Blakely, Blakenee, Bladeney, .. 2 more]

Brenna 6 .. Stems fr. Gaelic language. "Raven or black haired." Brenna is prevalent as a variant form. Modern use is probably as a .. [Bren, Brenie, Brenn, Brynna, Brynne, .. 4 more]

Capucine 7 .. .. cloak with a deep collar, worn .. Unique. Capucine (cf. Madaleine, Rosaline) ends with the familiar feminine-sounding -ine.

Carey 8 .. .. Gaelic ciar meaning black, and Latin .. Rare. Carey, Carrey, like Silverey, Clarey, end with the favored androgynous-sounding -rey. [Carrey, .. 1 more]

Cari 9 .. .. Gaelic ciar meaning black, and Latin .. Popular as last name, and Cari (top 64%) is similar to popular surnames Cario (top 48%), Cardi (37%), which also start with Car-. See also Cyra.

Ciara 10 .. Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Black." A conventional birth name (#673 a year ago) that is also found somewhat frequently as a surname. Modern feminine form of Ciaran from .. [Ceara, Cearaa, Cearia, Ciaara, Ciaran, Ciarra, Ciarrah, Kiera, .. 14 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Black names: Amaya, Angel, Ashanti, Blake, Brenna, Carey, Cari, Ciara

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Summary of Black names (and variants) for girls.

Amaya - Ciara
Amaya [Amaia], Angel [Ang, Angle, Angelea], Aphra [Afra, Affera, Affery], Ashanti [Shanti, Shantee, Shauntae, Shauntee, ..], Blake [Blakeny, Blakely, Bladeney, Blakenee, ..], Brenna [Brenyn, Brinna, Brynna, Brynne, ..], Capucine, Carey [Cary, Carrey], Cari, Ciara [Kiera, Siara, Sierra, Searra, ..]

Cilla - Kerrin
Cilla, Cinnabar, Collis [Collice, Colliss], Cora [Koryne, Korynna, Koryssa, Lacoria, ..], Coral [Koral, Korall, Koralie, Koralline, ..], Corvina [Corva, Corveena, Corvetta], Darcie [Darsi, Darsey, Darsie, Darseigh, ..], Devany [Devony, Devanie, Devinee, Devenny], Dorcey [Dorsey], Duana [Duna, Dwana, Dwayna, Dwayne, ..], Ebony [Ebonni, Ebonny, Ebonyi, Ebonney, ..], Floella, Garnet [Granata, Grenata, Garnette, Grenatta], Griselda [Zelda, Selda, Gryselde, Gryzelde, ..], Hermia [Hermila, Hermilda, Herminia], Hippolyta [Hippolita], Indigo, Jetta [Jett, Jette, Yette], Kali [Kalli], Kerrin [Keryn, Kerin, Kerryn]

Kerry - Phaedra
Kerry [Kerrie, Kerria, Kerridana, Kerrianne, ..], Kiara [Keira, Kiarra, Kierra, Keearra], Kira [Kirra, Kirya, Kiriah, Kiriana, ..], Laila [Laily, Laleh, Layla, Laylah, ..], Leila [Lila, Lyla, Leyla, Lilah, ..], Lela, Lila [Lyla, Leila, Lilah, Lylah], Lilith [Lillith], Loelia, Marmara [Marnia, Marnie, Marnja, Marnya, ..], Mazarine [Mazine], Melanie [Melony, Milena, Melonnie, Melloney, ..], Melantha [Mallantha], Nerissa [Naryssa, Neryssa, Narissa, Nericcia], Nisha [Neesha, Niesha], Nyx [Nix, Nixe], Odette [Odetta], Olivia [Olva, Ollie, Olivya, Olivine, ..], Penelope [Penny, Penney, Pennie, Pennelope, ..], Phaedra [Phedre, Phedra, Phaedre, Phaidra, ..]

Phoenix - Zelda
Phoenix [Fenix, Feenix, Phenice], Rajani [Rajanae, Rajanee], Raven [Ravyn, Rayven, Rayvinn, Rayvenne], Sable, Samara [Semara, Sammara], Sheherezade [Sharizad, Sharazad, Shahrazad, Scheherezade], Shirley [Shirly, Shirlyn, Shurlee, Shirlley, ..], Thisbe, Titania [Tita, Titanya, Tiziana, Titaniya], Usha, Violet [Yolane, Yolande, Yolantha, Yolanthe, ..], Zelda [Selda, Zelde, Zellda]