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Blessed names and what they mean, for blessed, fortunate, lucky, blessing, fortune for women. Here is the list of Blessed names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its peak during 1950-1959 (usage of 0.1172%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0751%, down 36%), but with names like Ardith, Benita, Felicia, Olga and Winifred becoming somewhat dated. The trendier girl names among these are Cassandra (#516), Destiny (#160), Felicity (#497), Grace (#21) and Gwendolyn (#420), and there is also a rekindling in baby name popularity for Grace.

Aeronwen - Benita

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Aeronwen 1 .. Based on Welsh. "Fair, blessed berries." Uncommon, but Aeronwen is similar to common surnames Pesonen (upper 64%), Browen (63%), which also end with -en. Also possibly derives from the name ..

Ardith 2 .. .. to baby girls as a blessing. Unique. Ardith (cf. Meradith, Cherith) uses the common feminine-sounding -ith suffix. [Ardath, Ardell, Aedelle, .. 3 more]

Ashra 3 .. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "Fortunate, felicitous." Rare, but Ashra, Asheera are comparable to popular -ra surnames Amira (top 79%), Andra (39%). Feminine of Asher. [Asheera, Ashirah]

Audris 4 .. Based on Old German word. "Lucky." Audris and Audriss are rarely used as girls' names. [Audriss]

Beata 5 .. From Latin element. "Blessed." Bea appears often (upper 19%) as a surname. .. "Blessed are the poor in spirit." .. [Bea, Beate]

Beatrice 6 .. Derived fr. Latin language. "blessed." Adoption of Beatrice and variants as children's names in 2014 was >100% less than 2004. Italian and French form of Beatrix .. [Bea, Beah, Beatie, Beatriz, Beea, Beeatrice, Beeatrissa, Beeatrix, Beitriss, Trixie, .. 14 more]

Bee 7 .. Beatrice (Latin) "voyager (through life); blessed" .. Bee is seldom adopted as a birth name. See also Beau.

Benedicta 8 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Blessed." Common. Compare Benedicta, var. and popular -ta surnames Sedita (upper 26%), Buneta (96%). Feminine of Benedict .. [Benedetta, Benedicte, Benedikta, Benni, Bennie, Dixie, .. 7 more]

Benicia 9 .. Origin fr. Spanish. "Blessed one." Not that common as a baby name. A town in Northern California. [Benecia]

Benita 10 .. Source fr. Spanish, Latin. "Blessed." Common. Compare Benita, Nita (44%) and popular surnames Tabita (upper 100%), Kita (18%), which also end with -ita. Feminine variant of Benedict .. [Bendite, Benni, Benny, Benoite, .. 8 more]

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Summary of Blessed names (and variants) for girls.

Aeronwen - Benita
Aeronwen, Ardith [Ardis, Ardell, Aedelle, Ardella, ..], Ashra [Asheera, Ashirah], Audris [Audriss], Beata [Bea, Beate], Beatrice [Trix, Trixy, Trixie, Beitriss, ..], Bee, Benedicta [Benni, Bente, Dixie, Bennie, ..], Benicia [Benecia], Benita [Nita, Binny, Binnie, Benoite, ..]

Beracha - Emer
Beracha [Bracha, Barucha, Berucha], Blessing, Branwen [Brangwen], Bronwyn [Bronya, Bronwin, Bronwen, Bronwynn, ..], Carwen, Cassandra [Zandra, Sondra, Saundra, Sohndra, ..], Ceinwen [Cain, Keyne], Ceri [Keri, Cerian], Ceridwen [Ceri, Ceridwyn, Cerridwen, Cerridwyn, ..], Charisma [Karisma, Carisma, Charisma], Cybil [Cybill], Destiny [Destini, Destyni, Destiney, Destinie, ..], Detta, Dextra [Dextera], Eiddwen, Eilwen, Eirwen [Eirawen], Elodie [Elody, Helodea, Helodia, Helodie, ..], Elysia [Ilysa, Ilyse, Ilise, Ilysia, ..], Emer [Eimer, Eimear, Eimhir]

Faustine - Winifred
Faustine [Fausta, Fauste, Faustina], Felice, Felicia [Phelicia, Phylicia, Phyllicia, Phyllisha, ..], Felicity [Flick, Felicita, Felicite, Felicitas], Flick, Fortune [Fortuna, Fortunata], Gada, Grace [Grazyna, Grazina, Graziosa, Graziella, ..], Gwen [Gwyn, Gwenn, Gwynn], Gwendolyn [Win, Wendy, Winne, Wynne, ..], Gwyn [Gwynn, Gwinne, Gwynna, Gwynne, ..], Jahzara, Macaria [Makaria, Macarria, Maccaria, Makarria], Odila [Udile, Odolia, Udelia, Udilia, ..], Olga [Ola, Olia, Helga, Olenka], Paradisa, Saida [Sayda], Trixie [Trix, Trixy, Trixee], Vanna [Vana, Lavanna, Vanetta], Winifred [Wynn, Wynne, Wynifred, Wynnifred, ..]

Zaida - Zaida
Zaida [Zada, Zadie, Zayda, Zayeeda]