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Blind names and what they mean, for blind, lame for women. These girl names were at the top of their popularity during 1940-1949 (usage of 0.292%) and are now much less widespread (usage 0.0828%, down 71.7%), with names such as Claudia, Claudine, Nydia, Shayla and Sheila becoming somewhat outmoded.

Cecilia - Zin

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Cecilia 1 .. Source fr. Latin, Old Welsh. "Blind; sixth." Cecelia, Cecile, Ceil and Sheila are prevalent as forms of Cecilia. .. because of the blind Saint Cecilia .. [C'Ceal, Cacelia, Cecely, Cecile, Cecilea, Cecille, Cecyl, Cecyle, Cecylia, Ceilagh, .. 79 more]

Cecily 2 .. Derivative of Latin, Old Welsh. "Blind; sixth." Cilly, Sessy, Sicili and Sissy are more unique as variant forms of Cecily. From the medieval vernacular form of .. [Cicely, Sicili, Sissy, .. 2 more]

Cicely 3 .. Based on Latin, Old Welsh. "Blind; sixth." Unusual. Cicely (cf. Gricely, Shirely) uses the favored feminine -ely suffix. The English variant of Cecily and .. [Cecile, Cis, Cissie, Cissy, .. 5 more]

Claudette 4 .. Derived fr. French, Latin languages. "Lame." Popular. Compare Claudette with common surnames Burdette (upper 2%), Clavette (24%), which also end with -ette. Feminine diminutive of Claude ..

Claudia 5 .. Derived fr. Latin element. "Lame." Claudia, Claude, Claudette, Claudie and Claudine are commonplace as variant forms. Feminine of Cladius (see Claude) .. [Cacau, Claudelle, Claudette, Claudiane, Claudina, Claudy, Clodia, Klava, Klodia, .. 11 more]

Claudine 6 .. Root fr. French, Latin words. "Lame." Claudine is popular as a variation. Feminine diminutive of Claude .. [Claudean]

Gardner 7 .. .. American families, the "blind" Gardner family .. Gardner, like the similar Garda, occurs more usually as a last name. [Gardener, .. 2 more]

Gladys 8 .. Based on Welsh, Latin languages. "Lame." Less common today. Gladys was the version last recorded (1999) in the Top 1000. Variant of Claudia .. [Glad, Gladdis, Gladi, Gwyladyss, .. 4 more]

Klaudia 9 .. Based on Polish, Latin languages. "Lame." Not in popularity charts. See also Klaudie. Variant of Claudia.

Nydia 10 .. .. Nydia was a blind flower seller .. Nydia and Nidia are popular as forms. [Needia, .. 1 more]

Shayla 11 .. .. variant of Sheila (Irish, Gaelic) "blind" .. Common. Compare Shayla, Shaylene, etc. and popular Sha- surnames Shafa (upper 93%), Shaylor (57%). [Shaela, Shailagh, Shailyn, Shayleen, Shaylene, Shaylyn, .. 7 more]

Sheila 12 .. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Blind." A somewhat quaint girls' name nowadays, though Sheila still occurs often as a first name for women. Variant of Sile, an Irish form .. [Seila, Shaylah, Shaylagh, Shaylla, Sheilagh, Sheilia, Sheilya, Shelagh, Shila, Shyla, .. 16 more]

Silja 13 .. From Scandinavian, Latin elements. "Blind one." Uncommon. Silja, Silija, Sillija (cf. Natasja, Khadija) use the favored feminine -ja suffix. Diminutive form of Cecilia. [Silia, Siliya, Sillija, Silliya, .. 3 more]

Sissy 14 .. form of Cecilia (Latin) "blind one" .. Cissee and variants are not frequently adopted as birth names. [Cissee, Cissey, .. 6 more]

Zelia 15 .. a variant of Cecilia (Latin) "blind" .. Zele (top 56%) and Zelina (49%) occur commonly as last names. [Zalia, Zailie, Zelina, Zelleana, .. 5 more]

Zin 16 .. .. Zinkibaru is a blind water spirit .. Not that popular as a children's name, Zin exists more often as a last name. See also Zina.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Blind names: Cecilia, Cecily, Claudette, Claudia, Claudine, Gladys, Nydia, Shayla, Sheila, Zelia

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Cecilia - Zin
Cecilia [89], Cecily [5], Cicely [9], Claudette, Claudia [20], Claudine [1], Gardner [3], Gladys [8], Klaudia, Nydia [2], Shayla [12], Sheila [26], Silja [7], Sissy [8], Zelia [9], Zin