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Blind Names

10 Blind names and what they mean, for blind for baby girls, listing 1-10. Here is the list of Blind names for boys.

Cecilia .. "Blind." .. The feminine form is more popular than the male form because of the blind Saint Cecilia (second or third century) virgin martyr known as the patron saint of music ..
[C'Ceal, Cacelia, Ceceilia, Ceceley, Ceceli, .. 84 more]

Cecily .. "Blind." ..
[Cicely, Cilly, Sessy, Sicili, Sissy]

Cicely .. "Blind." ..
[Cecile, Cecily, Cis, Cissie, Cissy, .. 4 more]

Gardner .. There were two distinguished American families, the "blind" Gardner family famous for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, and the "sighted" Gardiner family famous for Gardiner's Island on Long Island Sound ..
[Gardener, Gardie, Gardiner]

Nydia .. Literary: in Edward Bulwer-Lytton's novel "The Last Days of Pompeii", Nydia was a blind flower-seller who saved her beloved at the cost of her own life.
[Needia, Nidia]

Shayla .. A variant of Sheila (Irish, Gaelic) "blind" ..
[Shaela, Shae-lyn, Shaila, Shailagh, Shailyn, .. 7 more]

Sheila .. "Blind." ..
[Seila, Selia, Shayla, Shaylah, Shaylagh, .. 21 more]

Silja .. Diminutive form of Cecilia (Latin) "blind one".
[Silia, Silija, Siliya, Sillia, Sillija, .. 2 more]

Sissy Diminutive form of Cecilia (Latin) "blind one" ..
[Cissee, Cissey, Cissi, Cissie, Cissy, .. 3 more]

Zelia .. Also possibly (Greek) "zeal, envy" or a variant of Cecilia (Latin) "blind" ..
[Zalia, Zailie, Zaylia, Zele, Zelene, .. 4 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Blind names: Cecilia, Cecily, Nydia, Shayla, Sheila, Zelia

Cecilia, Cecily, Cicely, Nydia, Shayla and Sheila are commonly used names, while Gardner, Silja, Sissy and Zelia are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: art, collar, color, contracted, dark, drunk, flame, flat, hid, hidden, mysterious, obscure, positive, refuge, screen, secret, show.

Apollonia .. In art she is often portrayed with a pair of tongs and an outsized molar.
[Abbeline, Abbelina, Apolena, Apolline, Appoline, .. 5 more]

Capucine .. French form of an Italian word for a cloak with a deep collar, worn by a certain order of Franciscan monks ..

Rabab .. "Pale cloud."

Capucine .. French form of an Italian word for a cloak with a deep collar, worn by a certain order of Franciscan monks ..

Afra .. "Color of earth." ..
[Affera, Affery, Affra, Aphra]

Aline In the Middle Ages, a contracted form of Adeline ..

Godiva .. According to the famous story, the 11th century Lady Godiva rode through the town of Coventry naked, covered only by her long hair ..

Aphra .. Also possibly from the Latin name Afra, which was originally an ethnic name for a woman from Africa, which was later used as a nickname for a dark person ..
[Affera, Affery, Afra]

Elli .. Norse mythology: an old woman with this name defeats Thor in a wrestling match, which according to Loki, was because she was Old Age in disguise, and old age is victorious over all.

Maeve .. "She who makes drunk." ..
[Mave, Meave]


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