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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Blind baby names and what they mean, for blind, lame, with 16 results. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in the 1900s (USAGE OF 1.41%) and are now much less widespread (USAGE 0.17%, 88% LESS), with names such as Sheila becoming less stylish. Cecilia (#181) is the most fashionable name for newborns here, while Gordner (TOP 27%) is a conventional last name.

Blind names

Cecilia - Zin

Source fr. Latin, Old Welsh. "Blind; sixth." Cecilya is also a marginally favored kid's name. .. because of the blind Saint Cecilia .. [Sissy, Siseel, Siselya, Sesseelya, Seely, Seelia, Cilia, Cile, Cicilie, Cici, .. 79 more]

Derivative of Latin, Old Welsh. "Blind; sixth." Popular. Compare Cecily, Cicely, Cilly and common -ly surnames Cully (UPPER 12%), Conly (22%). From the medieval vernacular form of .. [Sissy, Sicili, .. 3 more]

Based on Latin, Old Welsh. "Blind; sixth." Cicely, Cecile and Cecily are prevalent as versions. The English variant of Cecily and .. [Sissy, Cissy, Cissie, Cis, .. 5 more]

Derived fr. French, Latin languages. "Lame." Somewhat atypical as a birth name nowadays, though Claudette still occurs regularly as a feminine first name. Feminine diminutive of Claude ..

Derived fr. Latin element. "Lame." Claudia, Claude, Claudette, Claudie and Claudine are commonplace as variant forms. Feminine of Cladius (see Claude) .. [Klodia, Klava, Clodia, Claudy, Claudina, Claudiane, Claudette, Claudelle, .. 12 more]

Root fr. French, Latin words. "Lame." Claudine is popular as a variation. Feminine diminutive of Claude .. [Claudean]

.. American families, the "blind" Gardner family .. Garoner, Garder are common surnames. [Gardiner, .. 2 more]

Based on Welsh, Latin languages. "Lame." Glad, Gladdis, Gladdys, Gladi and Gladyss are more novel as variations of Gladys. [Gwyladyss, Gladis, Gladdys, Glad, .. 5 more]

Based on Polish, Latin languages. "Lame." Klaudia was not among 2015's Top names. See also Klaudie. Variant of Claudia.

.. Nydia was a blind flower seller .. Less popular today. Nydia was the form last found (1997) in the Top 2000. [Nidia, Needia]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Blind names: Cecilia, Cecily, Cicely, Claudette, Claudia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Blind names: Claudine, Gladys, Nydia, Shayla, Sheila, Zelia

.. variant of Sheila (Irish, Gaelic) "blind" .. Shayla and variants became less popular in 2015, dropping on average -5 positions as baby names with Shayla leading the decline. [Shealynn, Shaylyn, Shaylene, Shayleen, Shailyn, Shailagh, Shaela, .. 5 more]

Source fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Blind." A conventional girls' name (#1700 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Sheila also occurs often as a first name for women. Variant of Sile, an Irish form .. [Shyla, Shila, Shelagh, Sheilya, Sheilia, Sheilagh, Shaylla, Shaylagh, Shaylah, .. 17 more]

From Scandinavian, Latin elements. "Blind one." Silda and Silsa are creative variations. Diminutive form of Cecilia. [Silya, Silliya, Sillija, Siliya, .. 3 more]

.. form of Cecilia (Latin) "blind one" .. Cissee and variants were not Top birth names in 2015. [Sissie, Cissey, .. 6 more]

.. a variant of Cecilia (Latin) "blind" .. Adoption of Zaylia and forms was well-received a century ago. [Zelleana, Zelina, Zailie, .. 6 more]

.. Zinkibaru is a blind water spirit .. Zin is a unique female name, appearing commonly (upper 58%) as a last name.

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Summary Index of Blind names [and variants] for girls.

1. Cecilia - Zin
Cecilia [Sissy, Siseel, Sisile, Sisely, Sissie, Siselya, Sissela, Sisiliya, ..], Cecily [Cilly, Sissy, Sessy, Cicely, Sicili], Cicely [Cis, Sis, Sissy, Cissy, Cecily, Sissie, Cissie, Sisley], Claudette, Claudia [Klava, Klodia, Claudy, Clodia, Klaudie, Klaudia, Claudine, Klavdiya, ..], Claudine [Claudean], Gardner [Gardie, Gardener, Gardiner], Gladys [Gladi, Gladis, Gladdis, Gladdys, Gladyss, Gwladys, Gwladus, Gwyladyss], Klaudia, Nydia [Nidia, Needia], Shayla [Shailyn, Shaylah, Shaylyn, Shaylynn, Shealynn, Shayleen, Shaylene, Shaylynne, ..], Sheila [Shila, Shyla, Sheyla, Shella, Shiela, Shilah, Shilla, Shilea, ..], Silja [Silya, Silia, Siliya, Silija, Sillia, Silliya, Sillija], Sissy [Cissi, Cissy, Cissey, Cissee, Sissey, Cissie, Sissie, Sissee], Zelia [Zele, Zelie, Zaylia, Zailie, Zeline, Zelene, Zelina, Zelleana], Zin

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