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Blue names and what they mean, for blue for women. Here is the list of Blue names for boys. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in 1940-1949 and are almost as popular today. Livia (#666) and Bonnie (#866) are two of the more fashionable birth names in this list, with Bonnie enjoying a rebound in popularity.

Azure - Jay

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Azure 1 .. Stems fr. Spanish language. "Sky blue." Azure is scantly used as a female name, occurring frequently (Top 10%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Aure. .. Suitable for a blue-eyed baby. [Azor, Azora, Azuree, Azzura, .. 3 more]

Bonnie 2 .. Literary: Scarlett O'Hara's daughter by Rhett Butler was named "Bonnie Blue" .. The name Bonnie is rising in favor as a name for baby girls. The variation Bonny is prevalent as a form of the name. [Bonne, Bonnebell, Bonnell, Bonni, Bonnibell, .. 12 more]

Cyanea 3 .. Root fr. Greek word. "Sky blue." Seldom used as a name for newborns. See also Chanee.

Indigo 4 A deep blue dye from the indigo plant. Scarcely used as a baby name.

Jay 5 .. Stems fr. Latin element. "Blue crested bird." Unisex name. Jay is recognizable (Top 50%) as a female name, occurring frequently (Top 4%) as a last name according to the US Census. The forms Jaylah and Jaycie are common as versions of Jay. .. [Jae, Jalin, Jaya, Jaye, Jaylah, .. 8 more]

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[Azure - Jay]
Azure [Azor, Azora, Azura, Azuree, Azzura, Azurine, Azzurra], Bonnie [Bonny, Bunny, Bunni, Bonnin, Bunnie, Bonniejo, Bonnylee, Bonnyjean, ..], Cyanea, Indigo, Jay [Jeh, Jey, Jaye, Jayla, Jeyla, Jaylan, Jaylah, Jaylene, ..]

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Larkspur, Linnea [Linea, Linna, Lynae, Lynea, Lynnae, Linnae, Lynnea, Linnaea], Livia [Livy, Livvy, Lyvia, Livya, Livija], Mazarine [Mazine], Odele [Udele, Odell, Odella, Odelle, Udilia, Udelia, Odelina, Odeline, ..], Taisie [Tayzie], Teal [Teil, Teall, Teill, Teela, Teille, Tealle], Turkessa [Turkissa, Turquessa, Turkwessa, Turquissa], Wisteria [Wistaria]