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Page 1/2. 23 Book names and what they mean, for book for baby girls, listing 1-20. Celeste, Deborah, Edna, Eloise, Elsa, Genesis, Harriet, Laura, Linnea, Madeline, Mamie, Ramona, Susan, Susanna and Una are commonly used names, while Bedelia, Calpurnia, Heloise, Katniss and Provence are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Book names for boys.

Bedelia .. Literary: a very literal-minded maid named Amelia Bedelia features in a popular series of children's books ..
[Bedeelia, Bidella, Delia]

Calpurnia .. Literary: the name of the Finches' cook in the book "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Celeste .. The name may be associated with Queen Celeste, wife of Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff's children's book character Babar, the Elephant ..
[Cela, Celes, Celesia, Celesley, Celesse, .. 41 more]

Deborah .. The victory song she wrote after the battle is part of the Book of Judges ..
[Deb, Debb, Debbee, Debbera, Debbey, .. 19 more]

Edna .. Biblical name from the apocryphal Book of Tobit, from Hebrew ednah, and hence connected with Eden ..
[Eda, Eddi, Eddie, Eddna, Eddnah, .. 4 more]

Eloise .. Literary: name of a character in Kay Thompson's books for children.
[Aloysia, Ellie, Elois, Eloisa, Elouisa, .. 3 more]

Elsa .. Literary: name of the lioness in the book "Born Free" by Joy Adamson, which was made into a movie ..
[Else, Elsie, Elssa, Elsy, Helsa, .. 2 more]

Genesis .. Biblical: name of the first book in the Bible ..
[Genesies, Genesiss, Genessa, Genisa, Genisia, .. 6 more]

Harriet .. Literary: "Harriet the Spy" is a well-known children's book ..
[Halle, Hallie, Harrie, Harriett, Harrietta, .. 10 more]

Heloise .. Literary: "Hints from Heloise" is a popular series of books.
[Aloysia, Eloisa, Eloise, Heloisa, Lois]

Katniss Literary: Katniss Everdeen is the heroine of the popular "Hunger Games" books by Suzanne Collins ..

Laura .. Laura was also a character on "Little House on the Prarie" from Little House Books ..
[Lauraine, Lauralee, Laralyn, Laranca, Larea, .. 54 more]

Linnea .. Literary: there is a character named Linnea in a popular series of children's books by Christian Bjork.
[Lenae, Linea, Linna, Linnae, Linnaea, .. 4 more]

Madeline .. Literary: Ludwig Bemelmann's children's books had a French schoolgirl character wearing a wide-brimmed hat named Madeline ..
[Dalanna, Dalenna, Lena, Lina, Lynn, .. 58 more]

Mamie .. The name is borne by Patrick Dennis's eccentric fictional character Auntie Mame, a central character of a book, a Broadway musical, and a movie ..
[Maime, Mame, Mayme]

Provence Place name: a beautiful area in southwestern France, given attention in the 1990s by Peter Mayle's books.

Ramona .. Also a character in a popular series of children's books of the same name by Beverly Cleary.
[Mona, Rae, Ramee, Ramie, Ramoena, .. 12 more]

Susan .. In the apocryphal Book of Tobit, Susannah was a beautiful woman of courage who defended her innocence against wrongful accusation ..
[San, Sanna, Shoshana, Shoshanah, Shoshanna, .. 63 more]

Susanna .. New Testament form in the Book of Luke of Shoshana.
[Sanna, Suezanna, Susan, Susana, Susann, .. 6 more]

Una .. It was used by Edmund Spenser in his 16th-century epic poem "The Faerie Queen", where the heroine of the first book is Una ..
[Euna, Oona, Oonagh, Unagh, Unah, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Book names: Celeste, Deborah, Edna, Eloise, Elsa, Genesis, Harriet, Laura, Linnea, Madeline

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Book names: Mamie, Ramona, Susan, Susanna, Una

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