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Brave names and what they mean, for brave, bold for women. Here is the list of Brave names for boys. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in 2000 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Millicent, Enid, Ebba and Bernadette becoming less stylish. The most trendy girl names in this list are Logan (#391), Kendra (#259), Maia (#626), Taylor (#77) and Macy (#363).

Bernadette - Vondra

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Bernadette 1 .. Based on French, Old German. "Strong, brave bear." The name Bernadette has been on a downward trend in popularity as a birth name over the years since 1940-1949. The forms Bernetta, Bernarda and Bennie are commonly used as versions of Bernadette. Feminine of Bernard .. [Benadette, Benny, Beradette, Bernadea, Bernadene, .. 26 more]

Conradine 2 .. From Old German. "Brave counsel." Rarely used as a birth name. Feminine of Conrad. [Connee, Connie, Conrada, Conradina, .. 2 more]

Ealga 3 .. Source fr. Irish element. "Noble, brave." A unique name for baby girls. See also Elsa. Inis Ealga ..

Ebba 4 .. Origin fr. Old German, Old English elements. "Brave, strong boar." Ebba has diminished in popularity as a birth name over time since 1890. See also Ebo. Feminine of Eberhard .. [Ebbe]

Enid 5 .. .. his meek but brave wife Enid .. Enid has declined in favor as a given name for baby girls over the years since 1910-1919. The variation Enedina is familiar as a variant form of the name. [Eanid, Ened, Enedina, Enidd, Enydd, .. 3 more]

Gerardine 6 .. From Old English word. "Spear brave." A rare name for children. Feminine of Gerard. [Gerarda, Gerardyne, Gerrardene, .. 2 more]

Kendra 7 .. .. English names Ceneric meaning "bold power" .. Very popular as a name for newborns (#259 in 2014), and also existing somewhat regularly as a surname. The variations Kenna and Kena are commonly used as variant forms of Kendra. [Kandra, Kena, Kendrah, Kendri, Kendrie, .. 15 more]

Logan 8 .. .. TV Show The Bold and the .. A name suitable for both girls and boys. A very common birth name (#391 a year ago) which also exists frequently as a last name. [Logann]

Macy 9 .. .. soap opera The Bold and the .. A name suited for both sexes. The name Macy has surged in popularity as a birth name over time since 1880-1889. The variation Macie is popular as a form of Macy. [Macee, Macey, Macie, Maicy, .. 2 more]

Maia 10 .. Also (Maori) "brave warrior". Greek mythology .. The name Maia has gained in popularity over the years. The form May is commonplace as a version of this name. [Maaja, Maj, May, Mayah, Moja, .. 6 more]

Millicent 11 .. Source fr. Old French element. "Brave strength." Millicent has faded in favor as a baby name over time. The variations Milly and Lissa are familiar as forms of Millicent. Norman name .. [Lissa, Mel, Melisanda, Mellicent, Mellisent, .. 11 more]

Taylor 12 .. .. soap operas The Bold and the .. Gender-neutral name. Taylor is recognizable (Top 19%) as a feminine name, and it occurs regularly (Top 1%) as a surname according to the US Census. The form Tayler is widely used as a variation of this name. [Tahlor, Tayler, .. 1 more]

Valora 13 .. Based on Latin word. "Brave, courageous." Unique as a birth name. See also Valera. From the same root as "valor". [Vallora, Valorie, Valorya, Valouria, .. 3 more]

Vondra 14 .. Origin fr. Czechoslovakian element. "Womanly; brave." Vondra is an unconventional feminine name, and it occurs commonly (Top 44%) as a last name in the US Census. See also Zondra. Variant of Andrea. [Vonni, Vonnie]

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Bernadette [31], Conradine [6], Ealga, Ebba [1], Enid [8], Gerardine [5], Kendra [20], Logan [1], Macy [6], Maia [11], Millicent [16], Taylor [3], Valora [7], Vondra [2]