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Bethany - Normandie

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Bethany 1 .. .. Sounds like the popular Brittany. Common surnames, like last names Mahany, Keany, which also end with -any. [Bethanee, Bethannie, Bethanny, .. 7 more]

Brett 2 .. Also variant of Brittany. Literary: Lady .. Brett, like Berrett, Borrett, is a popular last name ending with -rett. [Bret, .. 4 more]

Brit 3 .. Also a short form of Brittany. Popular last names. Compare Brit, and surnames Aurit, Suit, which also end with -it. [Britt]

Britney 4 .. modern variant of Brittany; the phonetic .. Britney, Brittney and Brittnee are prevalent as versions. [Brittney, .. 2 more]

Brittania 5 .. From Latin element. "From Brittany or Great Britain." Outside Top 1000. Variant of Brittany. [Britania, .. 2 more]

Brittany 6 .. "From Brittany or Britain." Prominent. Brittany (cmp. Sideny, Ebony) ends with the popular feminine -ny. .. actress Brittany Murphy. [Bibi, Bret, Brette, Britanny, Briteny, Britiney, Brittainy, Brittamy, Brittana, Brittane, .. 73 more]

Meriel 7 .. .. from Normandy and Brittany in France .. Meriel (cmp. Mering, Merida) is a common last name with the Meri- prefix. [Merial, Merielle, Meryl, .. 3 more]

Normandie 8 .. See also Brittany. Uncommon. Normandie (cmp. Zandie, Amandie) ends with the favored feminine -ndie. [Normandee, Normandy, .. 1 more]

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Bethany [10], Brett [5], Brit [1], Britney [3], Brittania [3], Brittany [83], Meriel [6], Normandie [3]