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Calpurnia - Czarina

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Calpurnia 1 .. .. appears in Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar" .. Not in Top 1000.

Candace 2 .. .. fourth century, as Caesar was used .. Usage of Candace as a birth name has diminished circa 1980-1989. [Canda, Candas, Candayce, Candee, Candelle, Candi, Candiss, Candyce, Dacey, Dacia, .. 19 more]

Cesarina 3 .. Feminine of Caesar. Rare, but Cesarina, Cesarine, etc. are comparable to popular Ces- surnames Cesarano (top 65%), Cesarini (40%). [Cesarea, Cesarine, .. 2 more]

Czarina 4 .. .. of a female caesar or an .. Not in popularity charts. See also Carine.

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Calpurnia - Czarina
Calpurnia, Candace [Dacy, Dacie, Kandy, Dacia, Kandice, Kandace, Kandiss, Kanticia, ..], Cesarina [Kesare, Cesarie, Cesarea, Cesarine], Czarina