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Carla - Charlotte

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Carla 1 .. Feminine of Carl and short form of Caroline .. Carla is commonly occurring (Top 5%) as a feminine name. The variations Karla, Carlita, Carley, Carlena and Carlee are common as forms of the name. [Carlah, Carlana, Carlee, Carleeza, .. , Carlie, .. 38 more]

Carly 2 .. Feminine of Charles .. The name Carly has risen in popularity over time since 1880-1889. Both a feminine and a masculine name. The forms Karlie, Karlee, Carlie, Carlene and Carlee are popular as variations of Carly. [Carlee, Carleen, Carley, Carlie, .. , .. 17 more]

Charlotte 3 .. French feminine diminutive of Charles: it was very common in the Middle Ages in France to make a pet form of a name by adding -ot on the end .. Charlotte is commonly occurring (Top 3%) as a feminine name. The variations Sherry, Sharyl, Lottie, Karly, Karleen, Cherlyn, Charlsie, Charlette, Charla, Carlota and Carleen are common as forms of the name. [Carla, Carlie, Carlotta, Char, .. , .. 94 more]

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[Carla - Charlotte]
Carla [Carly, Karla, Carlla, Karlla, Carlyn, Carlyjo, Carlyse, Karlita, Carlreca, Carlonda, ..], Carly [Karli, Karly, Karlie, Karlee, Karlye, Karlene, Karline, Karlyta, Karlita, Karleigh, ..], Charlotte [Sheri, Sherie, Tottie, Sherry, Sheryl, Sherye, Sharyl, Sherrie, Sharmian, Sharmion, ..]