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Cailin - Caitlin

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Cailin 1 .. Possibly a contemporary variant of Cailean (Scottish) .. Scarcely used as a birth name. A name suitable for both women and men. [Caelan, Caileen, Caylin, .. 2 more]

Caitlin 2 .. Caitlín is the Irish Gaelic form of Cateline, which is the Old French form of Katherine, whose source is the Greek name Aikaterine .. The name Caitlin has gained in popularity over time. The forms Katelynn, Kaitlyn and Cailyn are commonplace as variations of this name. [Caelin, Caetlin, Cailyn, Caiti, .. , Caylin, .. 48 more]

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[Cailin - Caitlin]
Cailin [Caelyn, Caylin, Cailyn, Caelan, Caileen], Caitlin [Katelan, Kaitlyn, Kaitlin, Kayelyn, Katelin, Katelyn, Kayelin, Kaitlinn, Katelynn, Kaitlynn, ..]