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Cailin - Caitlin

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Cailin 1 .. Possibly a contemporary variant of Cailean .. Unusual. Compare Cailin, Caelan, etc., and common last names Calvin (Top 2%), Capulin (84%), which also start with Ca-. [Caelan, Caelyn, Caylin, .. 2 more]

Caitlin 2 .. Caitlín is the Irish Gaelic .. Common. Caitilin, var., like Kaelin, Marlin, end with the familiar androgynous-sounding -lin. [Caelin, Caelyn, Cailen, Cailene, Caitilin, Caitlyn, Caity, Calin, Calyn, Catlin, Caylin, .. 42 more]

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[Cailin - Caitlin]
Cailin [Caelyn, Caylin, Cailyn, Caelan, Caileen], Caitlin [Katelan, Kaitlyn, Katelin, Katelyn, Kayelyn, Kayelin, Katelynn, Kaitlynn, ..]