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Celina - Selina

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Celina 1 .. Variant of Celia or Selena .. Usage of the names Celina and Selena as given names has fallen off over the years since 1994. The variation Celinda is generally used as a variant form of the name. [Celena, Celenia, Celicia, Celinda, .. , .. 10 more]

Selena 2 .. From Selene .. Selena is recognizable (Top 19%) as a female name. The forms Sena, Salena and Celine are commonplace as versions of Selena. [Caleen, Caleena, Celene, Celenia, .. , .. 25 more]

Selina 3 .. Of uncertain origin .. Usage of the names Selina, Selena and Celina as birth names has fallen off over the years since 1994. The variations Selena and Celinda are generally used as variant forms of the name. [Caleen, Caleena, Celena, Celenia, .. , .. 13 more]

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[Celina - Selina]
Celina [Selena, Celine, Seline, Celinde, Celinda, Celinna, Salinde, Selinde, Selinda, Salinda, ..], Selena [Sena, Selie, Selia, Selina, Seline, Selyna, Selyne, Sylena, Syleena, Selinda, ..], Selina [Sena, Selena, Salina, Salena, Selyna, Selyne, Sylena, Sylina, Selenia, Syleena, ..]