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Celtic baby names and what they mean, with 17 results. Usage of these girl names was at its highest in the year 1997 (USAGE OF 1.7%) and has become much reduced since (USAGE 0.3%, 80.3%), with names like Brionna falling out of fashion. Batha (TOP 70%) and Avalone (85%) are popular last names. Here is the list of Celtic names for boys.

Celtic names

Africa - Ula

"Pleasant." Africa (compare Anca, Anica) is a popular -ca suffix surname. Place name for the continent.

"Brilliant; happiness." Aine is uncommon as a children's name. See also Amye. Though not strictly related, Anne, Anna ..

"One choice." Uncommon. Angusina, similar to Augustina, ends with the androgynous-sounding -na. Feminine of Angus.

Feminine of Arthur. Arthuretta is scarce as a women's name.

"Island of apples." Avalon was popular as a birth name 1 year ago and has remained common. See also Avelyn. Celtic mythology: Avalon is an island ..

"Life." Used somewhat frequently as a baby name, Betha is comparable to the conventional Letha. See also Bethan.

"High, noble, exalted." Usage of Breanna, Breonda, etc. as birth names in 2015 was 83.7% less than the previous decade. Variant spelling of Brianna.

"High, noble, exalted." Briand is more rarefied as a variant form of Brianda. Variant of Brianna ..

BriannaBrianna, var. Brina1, Brianda, Breanna
"High, noble, exalted." Breanna (upper 28%), Breanne (45%), Bree (49%), Briana (21%), Brianna (17%), Brianne (26%) and Bryanna (100%) are commonly occurring as feminine names. May also possibly mean "strong" ..

"High, noble, exalted." Bryn, Brynn, Brynna and Brynne are generally used as forms of Brina. Short form of names like Sabrina ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Celtic names: Avalon, Betha, Breanna, Brianda, Brianna

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Celtic names: Brionna, Orla, Sabrina, Ula

"High, noble, exalted." Brionna and Briona are commonplace as variations. Variant of Brianna.

"Spotted, freckled." Britt exists commonly (top 1%) as a last name. Also a short form of Brittany.

"Heifer, colt." Not in Top 2000. See also Kelcie. From Gaelic calpa or cailpeach ..

"Golden queen." Orrla and variants are rarely found as women's names.

"Chief dragon." Pandra is not in the Top 2000. See also Xandra. From the name Pandragon, a variant ..

SabrinaSabrina, var. Brina3
.. name of a Celtic maiden in .. Sabrina, Sabrena and Sebrina are generally used as forms.

"Wealthy." Less popular today. Eula was the variation last recorded (1960-1969) in the Top 2000. A Spanish short form of Eulalie.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Celtic names for girls.

1. Africa - Ula
Africa, Aine, Angusina, Arthuretta, Avalon, Betha, Breanna, Brianda, Brianna [Brina, Breanna, Brianda], Brina, Brionna, Brit, Kelpie, Orla, Pandra, Sabrina [Brina], Ula

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