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Carol - Cheryl

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Carol 1 .. Originally a male name, an anglicized .. Usage of Carol and variants as girls' names in 2014 was 31.9% less than a decade ago. [Carel, Carely, Carla, Carly, Carlynn, Carolann, Caroline, Caroly, Carolynn, Carri, Charyl, .. 81 more]

Charlie 2 .. Pet form of Charlene and Charlotte .. Popular as last names. Compare Charlie (top 14%), Charyl, etc. with common Cha- surnames Chargin (top 73%), Chaplin (4%). [Charlea, Charyl, Sharlie, .. 6 more]

Charlotte 3 .. French feminine diminutive of Charles .. Charlotte, Carletta, Carlota, Chara, Charlene, Charlie, Charlsie, Charolette, Cheryll, Karlene, Karly, Lotta, Sharleen, Sheri and Sherry are commonplace as variations. [Carla, Carleen, Carline, Carlotta, Char, Charla, Charlaine, Charle, Charlesetta, Charletta, Charyl, .. 88 more]

Cheryl 4 .. Not found before the 1920s .. Popular. Compare Sharyl, var. and common -yl last names Caryl (top 27%), Moryl (57%). [Charell, Charyl, Cherell, Cherelle, Cherianne, Cherilynn, Cherlyn, Cherlyne, Cherylle, Cherylynn, .. 40 more]

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Carol - Cheryl
Carol [Lotti, Lotte, Lottie, Sharleen, Sharline, Sharlene, Sharmain, ..], Charlie [Charli, Charyl, Charly, Charlee, Sharlie, Charley, Sharlene, Charleigh], Charlotte [Sheri, Sharyl, Sherie, Sherry, Sheryl, Sherye, Tottie, Sherrie, ..], Cheryl [Shiral, Shyril, Sheryl, Sherryl, Sheryll, Sheryle, Shyrill, Sheryell, ..]