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Chriselda - Griselda

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Chriselda 1 .. "Bearing Christ." Unique as a name for babies. Elaboration of Chris .. [Criselda]

Griselda 2 .. Also possibly "gray fighting maid" or .. Usage of Griselda as a name for girls has waned over time since 1993. The variation Grisel is popular as a form of this name. [Chriselda, Gricely, Grisella, Grishelda, .. , .. 12 more]

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[Chriselda - Griselda]
Chriselda [Criselda], Griselda [Zelda, Selda, Grizel, Grissel, Griselly, Grizelda, Gryselde, Gryzelde, Grishilde, Grishelda, ..]