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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Christ baby names and what they mean, for christ, jesus, with 46 results. These girl names reached the apex of their popularity a century ago (ADOPTION OF 18.5%) and are now much less widespread (ADOPTION 2.4%, 87%), with names such as Veronica falling out of fashion. Naomi (#77), Gemma (#269) and Natalie (#27) are three of the more contemporarily stylish names for newborns among these, while Enna (TOP 62%) and Auna (96%) are conventional surnames.

Christ names

Alice - Cristina | Fadia - Precious | Salvadora - Veronica

Alice - Cristina

.. the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford .. Alice (compare Slice, Blice) is a common -ice suffix surname. [Lyssa, Lissa, Leece, Ellie, Elli, Elke, Alysia, Alyceea, Alyce, Allysson, .. 92 more]

.. of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Less popular today. Alta was the version last listed (the 1960s) in the Top 2000. [Altha, Allta]

.. saw the infant Jesus presented at .. Anna has trended downward in popularity as a girls' name circa the 1890s. [Nani, Anouska, Annmarie, Annika, Annica, Anneke, Annalee, Anique, .. 11 more]

.. out she would be Jesus' mother .. Scarcely used as a children's name. [Anunziata, Annunziate, .. 3 more]

.. near Jerusalem where Jesus stayed during .. Usage of Bethany as a children's name has diminished circa the 1980s. [Bethzy, Betheny, Bethannie, Bethanne, Bethann, Bethaney, .. 6 more]

.. February 2, commemorating Christ's presentation at .. Candela, Candelara, Candelarea and Candeloria are more novel as forms of Candelaria. [Candeloria, .. 3 more]

.. to teaching and devotion to Jesus .. Shanda occurs often (upper 83%) as a surname. [Shontelle, Shontel, Shonda, Shawnda, Shaunta, Shantell, Shantel, Shantalle, Shantae, Chonda, .. 63 more]

Source fr. Greek. "Bearing Christ." Criselda is commonplace as a variant form of Chriselda. Elaboration of Chris, similar to Griselda. [Criselda]

Root fr. Latin. "Follower of Christ." Crissy (top 63%) and Krissy (76%) are recognizable feminine names. Pet form of Christina and Christine. [Krysia, Chrissee, Chrisie, .. 7 more]

From Latin language. "Follower of Christ." Krista (top 9%), Christa (13%), Crista (53%), Krysta (62%) and Crysta (91%) are common first names. Latinate short form of Christine and .. [Krystah, Krista, Khrista, Chrystie, Chryssa, .. 6 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Christ names: Alice, Alta, Anna, Bethany, Candelaria

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Christ names: Chantal, Chrissie, Christa, Christen, Christian

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Christ names: Christiana, Christina, Christine, Christy, Cristina

.. the name of Christ with bel .. Rare, with the androgynous -el ending for Christabel, Christobel, etc., like Christel. [Crystabella, Crystabel, .. 11 more]

Origin fr. Latin. "Follower of Christ." Christel is found frequently (upper 28%) as a last name. Altered form of Christine .. [Christel]

Root fr. Latin word. "Follower of Christ." Adoption of Christen, Christyn, etc. as baby names in 2015 was 2.7% less than 2014. Variant of Christian. [Kristen, .. 13 more]

Stems fr. Latin language. "Follower of Christ." Usage of Christian and Christina as birth names has declined circa the 1970s. Christ is from Greek Khristos, a .. [Kristienne, Khristian, Karsten, Cristianna, Chrystian, Christina, Christiaan, .. 10 more]

Origin fr. Latin language. "Follower of Christ." Adoption of Christiana and variants as baby names in 2015 was 15.7% less than 2005. Medieval learned feminine form of Christian .. [Tiana, Krystiana, Kristianne, Khrystianne, Christyann, .. 15 more]

Derivative of Latin element. "Follower of Christ." Chrissa, Chrissta, Chrisstan, Chrissti and Chrisstie are more novel as forms of Christina. Simplified form of Christiana, feminine of .. [Tiny, Tineke, Tine, Krystina, Krysta, Kristinna, Kristina, Kristijna, Kristen, Kristeena, .. 107 more]

Derived fr. French, Latin words. "Follower of Christ." Christa and forms were popular as baby names 45 years ago and are now less common, with Kristen becoming somewhat outmoded. [Tinie, Kryssi, Kristyne, Kirstin, Cristine, Christinie, Christie, Christi, Christeen, .. 25 more]

.. the birth of Christ, so named .. Not Top 2000 name. Gender-neutral name.

Root fr. Latin word. "Follower of Christ." Christy and variants became more popular in 2015, gaining on average +3 rankings as girls' names with Krista gaining the most. Pet form of Christina and Christine .. [Krysty, Krystie, Khristie, Crissy, Chrystie, Christie, Christi, Christey, Chrissy, .. 15 more]

From Latin language. "Follower of Christ." Uncommon, with usage of 0.009% for Cristina as a birth name in 2015, lower than 0.01% a year ago. See also Christinn. Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian form ..

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Summary Index of Christ names [and variants] for girls.

1. Alice - Cristina
Alice [Leese, Licha, Lyssa, Lissa, Leece, Lichah, ..], Alta [Allta, Altha], Anna [Nani, Hania, Anoesj, Annika, Anouska, Annmarie, ..], Annunciata [Anunziata, Anunciata, Anonciada, Annunziate, Anunciacion], Bethany [Bethzy, Betheny, Bethanne, Betheney, Bethanny, Bethannie, ..], Candelaria [Candela, Candelara, Candelarea, Candeloria], Chantal [Shonda, Shonta, Shontel, Shontelle, Shawntile, Shawntille, ..], Chriselda [Criselda], Chrissie [Krisi, Krisy, Krisia, Krissy, Krysia, Krissie, ..], Christa [Krysta, Krista, Crystie, Khrista, Khrysta, Krystah, ..], Christabel [Cristabel, Crystabel, Cristabell, Cristabelle, Crystabella, Cristabella, ..], Christelle [Christel], Christen [Cristen, Kristen, Cristin, Cristyn, Chrysten, Chrystyn, ..], Christian [Karsten, Kristian, Kristien, Khristian, Cristianne, Kristienne, ..], Christiana [Tiana, Tiahna, Krystiana, Krystyiana, Krystianne, Kristiannhe, ..], Christina [Tina, Tiny, Tine, Tinah, Teyna, Tineke, ..], Christine [Tinie, Kryssi, Kristyne, Krystene, Krystyne, Krystine, ..], Christmas, Christy [Kristy, Krysty, Kristi, Kristie, Krystee, Krystie, ..], Cristina

Fadia, Gemma [Gem, Jemsa, Jemma, Gemmalyn, Gemmalynn], Ignacia [Iniga, Ignatia, Ignazia], Jesusa, Joanna [Joeann, Joanne, Joeanna, Joeanne, Johanna, Johannah, ..], Joda, Jordan [Jori, Jorie, Jorry, Jorey, Jorrdan, Jourdan, ..], Kirsten [Kirsty, Kyrstin, Kristyn, Kirstyn, Kjerstin, Kirstynn, ..], Kirsty [Kirsti, Kirstee, Kirstie], Krista [Kristy, Kryssa, Krysta, Krysti, Kristie, Krystie, ..], Kristen [Krysta, Krysten, Krystin, Krystyn, Krystyna, Krystynn, ..], Kristina [Kristyna, Krystyna, Krystina, Krysteena, Krystiana, Krystianna, ..], Kristine [Kristeen, Kristian, Kristina, Krystyne, Krystine], Madeline [Maud, Maude, Marlena, Marlene, Marlyne, Marline, ..], Mary [Poll, Muire, Polly, Murial, Muriel, Murielle, ..], Naomi [Neoma, Navit, Neomi, Noami, Noemi, Noemie, ..], Natalie [Natty, Talia, Talya, Tasha, Nettie, Tashie, ..], Natalya [Natalia], Nyree, Precious [Precia, Preciosa]

Salvadora, Talitha [Talita, Taletha, Talicia, Talisha, Taleetha], Thomasina [Tommi, Tommy, Tomina, Tommie, Tommye, Tomasine, ..], Tiana [Tiona, Tyana, Tiauna, Tianne, Tionna, Tyanna, ..], Tiffany [Tiphara, Tipheny, Tyffany, Tiphanie, Tiphenie, Tyffenie, ..], Veronica [Vonnie, Veronka, Veronqua, Veronike, Veronique, Veroniqua, ..]

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