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Christmas names and what they mean, for christmas, holiday for women. Here is the list of Christmas names for boys. These girl names were at the top of their popularity during 1970-1979 (usage of 0.3162%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.2277%, down 28%), with names like Carol, Easter and Natividad becoming less trendy. Holly (#449), Natalie (#23) and Noelle (#251) are three of the more trendy names for newborns in this compilation.

Carol - Noelle

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Carol 1 .. .. word "song" and associated with Christmas .. A slightly untypical children's name, Carol is however used somewhat often as a surname. [Carel, Carey, Cariel, Carilis, Carla, Carlin, Carlina, Carlita, Carlota, Carly, .. 82 more]

Christmas 2 .. Name of the holiday celebrating the .. Common as surname, and Christmas (upper 4%) is comparable to common -mas last names Chomas (upper 99%), Titmas (70%). Gender-neutral name.

Decembra 3 .. refers to the holiday season like .. Uncommon. Decembra, like Jadira, Genivra, ends with the favored feminine-sounding -ra.

Easter 4 .. Holiday name used as a Christian .. Usage of Easter as a birth name has fallen off since the 1890s. See also Eszter.

Holiday 5 "Holy day." Holiday, Holladay and Holliday are not frequently adopted as girls' names. Originally meant to honor the calendar .. [Holladay, Holliday]

Holly 6 .. .. daughters born on or near Christmas .. Holly, Holley, Holli and Hollie are prevalent as variations. [Hollee, Holli, .. 5 more]

Ilana 7 .. .. on the Jewish holiday The New .. Somewhat common as children's names, Illa, Ilana, etc. are pronounced like the common Ila. [Elana, Elanit, Ilane, Ilanit, Iliana, Illa, .. 7 more]

Natalie 8 .. .. the birthday of Christ, or Christmas .. Natalie, Natilie, etc. became less popular last year, falling -383 positions as girls' names with Natalee leading the fall. [Nastassja, Natale, Nataleigh, Natalja, Natallia, Nathalee, Nettie, Talya, Tashie, .. 37 more]

Natividad 9 .. From Old French language. "Christmas." Adoption of Natividad stepped up during 1920-1929 and is now less, with Natividad becoming less fashionable. See Natalie.

Noelle 10 .. Based on Old French element. "Christmas." Common as surnames, and Noelle (top 47%) is similar to popular -elle last names Burelle (top 73%), Helle (12%). Feminine of Noel. [Noel, Noela, Noelene, Noell, Noelynn, Nowel, Noweleen, .. 7 more]

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[Carol - Noelle]
Carol [92], Christmas, Decembra, Easter, Holiday [2], Holly [7], Ilana [12], Natalie [46], Natividad, Noelle [14]