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Christmas names and what they mean, for christmas, holiday for women. Here is the list of Christmas names for boys. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in 1970-1979 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Holly, Natividad, Easter and Carol becoming less fashionable. Noelle (#251) and Natalie (#23) are two of the more fashionable baby names in this list.

Carol - Holiday

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Carol 1 .. Probably originated as a short form of Caroline, but sometimes given in reference to the English word "song" and associated with Christmas .. Carol has faded in popularity as a birth name for females over the years since 1940-1949. The forms Lottie, Karyl, Karli, Ina, Charmain, Charleen, Carry, Carri, Caroline, Carole, Carly, Carline and Carla are familiar as versions of Carol. [Carel, Carey, Carilis, Carlene, Carlina, .. 87 more]

Christmas 2 .. Name of the holiday celebrating the birth of Christ, so named from "Christ" (see Christian) and "mass" meaning "festival" .. A girls' name that is little-used, existing more commonly as a surname. Also used as a boys' name.

Decembra 3 Month name that refers to the holiday season like Noel. Not often used as a girls' name.

Easter 4 .. Holiday name used as a Christian name mainly in the 19th century .. Somewhat irregularly used as a birth name for females, Easter is used more often as a last name. See also Ester.

Holiday 5 "Holy day." A birth name for females that is seldom used, Holiday occurs more commonly as a surname. Unisex name. .. [Holladay, .. 1 more]

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[Carol - Holiday]
Carol [Lotti, Lotte, Lottie, Sharleen, Sharline, Sharlene, Sharmain, ..], Christmas, Decembra, Easter, Holiday [Holladay, Holliday]

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Holly [Holli, Hollee, Holley, Hollye, Hollie, Holleigh, Hollyann], Ilana [Illa, Ilane, Ileana, Ilanit, Iliana, Ilania, Ileanna, Ilianna, ..], Natalie [Natty, Talya, Talia, Tasha, Nattie, Tashie, Nettie, Nattilie, ..], Natividad, Noelle [Noell, Nowel, Noeliz, Nowell, Noella, Noelynn, Noweleen, Noelleen, ..]