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Combination Names

(See: Blend Names)

Page 1/3. 56 Combination names and what they mean, for combination for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Blend names for boys.

Alvarita Combination of Alva and Rita.

Anabel Combination of Anna and Belle.
[Anabelle, Annabel, Annabella, Annabelle]

Anna .. Anna is often used in combination with other names ..
[Ana, Anique, Anja, Ann, Annabeth, .. 13 more]

Arlinda .. Combination of Arlene and Linda.
[Arlenna, Arlenne, Arlyn]

Ashlynn .. Also used as a combination form of Ashley and Lynn.
[Ashelynn, Ashleen, Ashleena, Ashlen, Ashlin, .. 6 more]

Betty .. First became popular in the 18th century, and now appears most often in combination with other names: Betty Lou, Betty Ann, etc ..
[Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Betsey, Betsy, .. 7 more]

Brandilyn .. Combination of Brandy and Lynn.
[Brandalyn, Brandalynn, Brandilynne, Brandolyn, Brandylyn]

Cady .. Also possibly a modern combination of Katy and Cody ..
[Cade, Cadee, Cadey, Cadi, Cadie, .. 8 more]

Careen .. Possibly a combination of Cara with the -een suffix, or a variant of Corinne or Carina ..
[Carreen, Karine]

Cerise .. May also be used as a combination of names such as Ceri and Louise.
[Cera, Cerea, Cerese, Ceri, Ceria, .. 13 more]

Cha- .. Combination of the Cha- and Che- prefixes with various name endings ..
[Chalia, Chalise, Chalon, Chalonn, Chalonne, .. 16 more]

Chalice .. The name also possibly originated as a combination of names such as Charlotte and Alice.

Cherene .. Combination of Cher- with the feminine ending -ene.

Courtney .. A name with upper-class connotations, and used in combinations such as Courtneylee ..
[Cordney, Cordni, Cortenay, Corteney, Cortland, .. 32 more]

Da- .. Combination of the Da- prefix with various endings ..
[Dameshia, Danessa, Daniesha, Danille, Danique, .. 9 more]

De- .. Combination of the De- prefix with various name endings ..
[Deangela, Dejana, Delana, Delandra, Delara, .. 18 more]

Elixyvett Modern combination name from Alexandra and Yvette, that sounds like Elizabeth.
[Alixevette, Alixyvetta, Elixevetta, Elixyvetha, Elixyvette]

Ja- .. Combination of the Ja- prefix with various endings ..
[Jacodi, Jaconda, Jakayla, Jakeisha, Jakira, .. 38 more]

Jane .. Often used as a middle name, Jane is also the basis of many variants and as the second element in combinations such as Sarah-Jane ..
[Gene, Gianina, Gianna, Giovanna, Iva, .. 88 more]

Jay .. The name is also used in combination with other names ..
[Jae, Jalin, Jaline, Jaya, Jaycie, .. 8 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Combination names: Anabel, Anna, Ashlynn, Betty, Courtney, Jane

Anabel, Anna, Arlinda, Betty, Courtney, Jane and Jay are commonly used names, while Alvarita, Ashlynn, Brandilyn, Cady, Careen, Cerise, Chalice, Cherene and Elixyvett are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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