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Combined Names

20 Combined names related to or that mean combined for girls, listing Combined baby names 1-20. Amberly, Annabel, Annalisa, Annamaria, Bethany, Billie, Bobbie, Jocelyn and Kristen are popular names. Amelinda, Analilia, Annemae, Ansonia, Araminta, Barinda, Bertrice, Carabelle, Eilwen, Fredella and Valetta are uncommon names. View Combined baby names below for name meanings or search Combined names for boys.

Amberly Combined form of Amber and Kimberly ...
[Ambarlie, Amberely, Amberlea, Amberlee, Amberleight, ... 4 more]

Amelinda ... Combined form of "beloved" and "pretty".
[Amalinda, Amalynda, Amelindah, Amellinda]

Analilia Spanish combined form of Ana and Lilia.

Annabel ... or when combined with Belle ...
[Anabel, Anabella, Anabelle, Annabal, Annabelinda, ... 3 more]

Annalisa ... Combined form of Ann and Lisa.
[Analeisa, Analicia, Analiesa, Analiese, Analisa, ... 17 more]

Annamaria Combined form of Ann and Mary ...
[Annamarie, Annemarie, Annmaria]

Annemae Combined form of Ann and May.
[Annamae, Annamay, Annemie]

Ansonia ... Also possibly a combined form of Ann and Sonia.
[Annesonia, Annsonia, Annsonya, Ansonya]

Araminta Combined form of Arabella and Aminta ...

Barinda Modern name: probably combined from Barbara and Linda.

Bertrice Combined name, possibly Bertha and Bernice.

Bethany ... Also a variant on the combined form of Beth and Ann ...
[Bethanee, Bethaney, Bethani, Bethanie, Bethann, ... 5 more]

Billie ... Often combined with other names ...
[Billa, Bilee, Billi, Billiejean, Billiejo, ... 5 more]

Bobbie ... Bobbie is sometimes combined with other names ...
[Bobbi, Bobbiejean, Bobbiejo]

Carabelle ... Combined form of Cara and Belle.
[Carabel, Carabell, Carrabelle]

Eilwen ... combined with (g)wen or (g)wyn meaning "white, fair, blessed, holy".

Fredella Combined form of Freda and Ella.

Jocelyn ... perhaps because it could be associated with names like Joyce (which also derives from Josse) combined with the -lyn ending ...
[Jasolin, Jocelin, Jocelina, Jocelinda, Joceline, ... 39 more]

Kristen ... combined form of Kirsten and Kristina ...
[Khristin, Krissie, Krissy, Krista, Kristan, ... 19 more]

Valetta ... Also possibly a modern combined name of Val- and -etta.
[Valeda, Valeta, Valletta]

Related words: blended, compound, twin.

Top 1000 ranking of Combined names: Annabel, Bethany, Billie, Bobbie, Jocelyn, Kristen


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