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Connie - Constance

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Connie 1 .. Pet form of Constance, used as an independent name among English speakers since the 18th century. Also used as a boys' name. Somewhat uncommon as a birth name for females, existing fairly commonly as a last name. [Con, .. 1 more]

Constance 2 .. Medieval form of Constantia used often in the early Christian and medieval eras, then by the Puritans (usually as Constant or Constancy) .. The names Constance and Connie have fallen off in popularity as birth names for females over time since 1940-1949. [Con, Connee, Connie, Constancia, .. , .. 25 more]

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[Connie - Constance]
Connie [Con, Konnie], Constance [Tina, Konny, Kosta, Konnie, Konstance, Konstanze, Kostatina, Konstancja, Konstantina, Konstantija, ..]