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Counsel names and what they mean, for counsel, help, comfort, helper for women. Here is the list of Counsel names for boys. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity during 1940-1949 (usage of 0.122%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.1051%, down 13.9%), but with names such as Consuelo, Ophelia, Rhonda, Socorro and Teresa falling out of style. Avery (#13), Camilla (#364) and Quinn (#126) are three of the more fashionable baby names in this list, with Camilla going through a revival in usage.

Albreda - Cody

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Albreda 1 .. Root fr. Old German language. "Elf counsel." Not much used as a baby name. See also Alfryda. Feminine of Aubrey.

Alesia 2 .. Root fr. Greek element. "Help, aid." Alesia exists commonly (upper 69%) as a last name. Also variant of Alicia. [Alessia]

Alfreda 3 .. Derivative of Old German, Old English languages. "Elf or magical counsel." Common, with usage of 0.0133% for Alfreda and variants as children's names in 2014, but lower than 0.0139% in 2013. Feminine of Alfred .. [Alfi, Alfre, Alfredda, Allfredda, Allfryda, Allfy, Elfie, Elfreeda, Elfrida, Elfryda, .. 45 more]

Alverdine 4 .. From Old English element. "Elf or magical counsel." Not that popular as a children's name. Rare feminine form of Alfred ..

Avery 5 .. Root fr. Old English word. "Elf counsel." Aeverie and Avrie are more unusual as versions of Avery. Feminine of Alfred that originated as .. [Aeverie, .. 3 more]

Aza 6 .. Origin fr. Arabic. "Comfort." Aza (cf. Daza, Moza) is a popular -za suffix surname. See also Ava.

Camellia 7 .. Source fr. Latin. "Helper to the priest." Camellia and Camelia are generally used as versions. The meaning of this old Roman .. [Camella, Camelia, Cammelia]

Camilla 8 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Helper to the priest." Common. Kamilla, var., like Mirilla, Priscilla, end with the familiar feminine -illa. Feminine of the old Roman family .. [Cam, Cama, Camela, Camila, Camille, Camillia, Camillie, Cammy, Kamilia, Kamilla, .. 28 more]

Clover 9 .. .. symbol of wealth, luck and comfort .. Clover, like the similar Clove, occurs more often as a last name. [Clova]

Cody 10 .. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Helper." Coady, Codee, Codey, Codie and Kodee are more uncommon as variant forms of Cody. Transferred use of the Irish surname .. [Coady, Codi, Kody, .. 6 more]

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Summary of Counsel names (and variants) for girls.

Albreda - Cody
Albreda, Alesia [Alessia], Alfreda [Fredy, Fredi, Fryda, Freeda, Frieda, Frydah, Friedah, Freedah, ..], Alverdine, Avery [Avrie, Averi, Averie, Aeverie], Aza, Camellia [Camella, Camelia, Cammelia], Camilla [Mille, Milly, Milli, Milla, Kamyla, Millee, Millie, Kamille, ..], Clover [Clova], Cody [Codi, Kody, Codee, Codey, Kodee, Kodie, Kodey, Codie]

Comfort - Teresa
Comfort, Conradine [Conny, Connie, Connee, Conrada, Conradeen, Conradina], Consuelo [Chelo, Chela, Suelo, Connie, Consuela, Consolata], Eudocia [Doxy, Doxie, Docia, Docie, Eudokia, Eudoxia, Eudosia, Eudoxie], Kamilla [Milla, Kamila, Millie, Kamyla, Kamella, Kemilla, Kamilka, Kamille, ..], Nechama [Nachuma, Nehamah, Nechamah, Nechamit, Nachmanit], Ogenya, Ophelia [Ovalia, Uvelia, Ovelia, Phelia, Ubelia, Ophelie, Ophilia, Ophelya, ..], Quinn [Quin, Quincy, Quincey], Ralphina [Ralphine], Raoule [Raula, Raoula], Rayna [Rayne, Reyna, Reina, Raina, Raynee], Remedios, Rhonda [Ronda, Rondi, Ronnda, Rondel, Rhonnda, Rondelle, Rhonette, Rhondiesha, ..], Ronni [Ronna, Ronny, Ronney, Ronnie, Ronnee, Ronnette, Ronnella, Ronnelle, ..], Sasa, Socorro [Secorra, Socaria, Socorra, Sucorra], Teresa [Tess, Tessa, Tesia, Tessy, Tresa, Teskia, Tessie, Tressa, ..]