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Amaryllis - Canada

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Amaryllis 1 .. .. a simple shepherdess or country girl. Amaryllis and Amarilis are not often used as birth names. [Amarilis]

Aranza 2 .. .. in Oņati, Basque Country, Spain .. Aranza, Arantxa, etc. became more trendy in 2014, gaining on average +99 rankings as birth names with Aranza gaining the most. [Arancha, Arantxa, .. 1 more]

Argenta 3 .. The country of Argentina is named .. Argelia and Argentina are generally used as versions of Argenta. [Argelia, .. 2 more]

Brittany 4 .. .. "Britain" came to signify the country .. Usage of Brittany, Brittlynn, etc. as girls' names in 2014 was down 26.4% compared to the year before. [Bibi, Bretny, Bretta, Brette, Bretteny, Brettiney, Bridney, Brit, Britanny, Britney, .. 73 more]

Canada 5 .. The largest country to the north .. Popular last name, like surnames Lozada, Aguada, which also end with -ada. See also Candia.

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[Amaryllis - Canada]
Amaryllis [Amarilis], Aranza [Arancha, Arantxa, Arantza], Argenta [Argelia, Argentia, Argentina], Brittany [Bryton, Brytni, Brytnea, Bryttani, Bryttany, Bryttnee, Bryttine, Bryttney, ..], Canada

[China - Winona]
China [Chyna, Chynna], Gallia [Gala, Galla], India [Inda, Indee, Indya], Isaura [Isa, Aura, Isaure], Kenya [Kenia, Kennya], Lacey [Lacy, Lacie, Lacina, Laicee, Laisey, Laicey, Laycie, Lacyann, ..], Leanna [Lianne, Leeann, Leanne, Leeanne, Leyanne, Leianne, Leighanne, Leighanna, ..], Loretta [Loreta, Lorette, Leretta, Larretta, Lauretta, Laurette, Lorretta, Lowretta], Malaysia, Moriah [Moraia, Moraiah], Ondine [Ondina, Ondyne, Undine], Pagan, Persia, Phyllis [Philys, Phylis, Phyliss, Phyllie, Phillis, Phyllys, Phyllida, Phylliss, ..], Scotia, Shania [Shanea], Tanya [Tania, Tonya, Tanja, Tanita, Tawnya, Tonnya, Tonyah, Tarnya, ..], Undine [Ondina, Ondine, Undeen, Undene, Undina], Winona [Winnie, Wynona, Winnona, Winoena, Winonna, Wynnona, Wynonna, Winonah, ..]