Covenant Names for girls

Covenant names and what they mean, for covenant for women.

Acacia - Rainbow

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Acacia 1 .. .. build the Ark of the Covenant .. Listed in Top 1000. [Cacia, Casia, Caysha, Kacey, .. 10 more]

Dove 2 .. represents peace, God's covenant with Noah .. Unusual. Dove (cf. Mave, Tove) ends with the familiar androgynous-sounding -ve. [Dova]

Rainbow 3 .. .. symbol of the covenant between God .. Not in Top 1000. [Rain]

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[Acacia - Rainbow]
Acacia [Kasi, Kacey, Cassy, Kacie, Kasey, Kassy, Kassja, Caysha, ..], Dove [Dova], Rainbow [Rain]