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Dance Names

6 Dance names and what they mean, for dance for baby girls, listing 1-6. Here is the list of Dance names for boys.

Baila .. (Spanish) "Dance."
[Beyla, Byla]

Chorine .. (Greek, French) "Dance." Probably an altered form of Corinne, with the French word "chor" meaning "dance", and the feminine diminutive -ine.

Clio .. Calliope (epic poetry), Terpsichore (choral song and dance), and Thalis (comedy) have survived as given names ..
[Cleo, Klio]

Maggie .. Dance impresario Maguy Marin ..
[Magali, Maggey, Maggi, Maggy, Magli, .. 1 more]

Musetta .. Musette" is a term for a dance tune using the musette, an instrument popular in the 18th century.

Tanga Modern name, possibly a blend of Kanga with the sultry Latin dance, the tango.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Dance names: Maggie

Maggie is a commonly used name, while Baila, Chorine, Clio, Musetta and Tanga are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: ball, ballet, dancing, foot, german, glory, joy, play, rock, sing, smile, wave.

Lucille .. Comedienne Lucille Ball.
[Loucille, Luciela, Lucienne, Lucila, Lucile, .. 5 more]

Alexandra .. Ballet dancer Alexandra Danilova ..
[Alandra, Alastrina, Alastriona, Alejanda, Alejandra, .. 106 more]

Callie .. Also a short form of Caroline and Carol ..
[Cahlie, Calee, Cali, Calie, Calina, .. 17 more]

Ceilidh .. The word for a social event with music and dancing in Scotland and Ireland ..

Charmian .. (Greek) "Delight." From Kharmion, a diminutive of "kharma" meaning "delight" or "little joy" ..
[Charmin, Charmiane, Charmyan, Sharmian, Sharmiane, .. 3 more]

Gala .. (Old French) "Merrymaking, festivity." ..

Felicity .. Flick is the pet form.
[Felicita, Felicitas, Felicite, Flick]

Atalanta .. Greek mythology: Atalanta was an athletic young maiden huntress who refused to marry any man who couldn't beat her in a foot race ..
[Atlanta, Atlante]

Ada (Old German) "Noble" ..
[Adan, Adda, Addi, Addiah, Addie, .. 9 more]

Charmaine .. It was first invented for a 1924 play "What Price Glory?" by Maxwell Anderson and Laurence Stallings, which was later made into a successful silent film in 1926 and was remade in 1952 ..
[Char, Charamy, Charamalique, Chari, Charma, .. 22 more]

Alaula .. (Hawaiian) "Light of dawn or sunset glow."

Jazzlyn .. Variant of Jasmine, influenced by Jocelyn and the musical term jazz ..
[Jasleen, Jaslyn, Jaslynn, Jasmaine, Jasminique, .. 8 more]

Aglaia .. The other two are Thalia "blossoming", and Euphrosyne "joy".

Elmira .. The city of Elmira is supposedly named after Elmira Teal, the daughter of the tavern owner where a meeting was held to discuss a new name for the city in 1828 ..
[Allmera, Allmeera, Almeria, Almira, Almyra, .. 14 more]


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