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Defender names and what they mean, for defender, protector, protection, patroness, helmet, guardian for women. Here is the list of Defender names for boys. Usage of these girl names was at its apex during 1900-1909 (usage of 0.1766%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.1389%, down 21.4%), but with names like Sandra, Barbara, Raina, Bridget and Sondra becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable birth names among these are Genevieve (#210), Kennedy (#54), Anaya (#432), Lucy (#62) and Genesis (#68), with Genevieve and Lucy going through a rekindling in popularity.

Alastair - Anona

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Alastair 1 .. Derived fr. Scottish, Greek elements. "Man's defender." Alastair, Alasdair, etc. are not Top 1000 names. Scottish variant of Alexander. [Alasdair, Alastrina, Alastriona]

Alesta 2 .. Stems fr. Greek. "Man's defender." Alesta is an intermittently used feminine name. Scottish Gaelic variant of Alexandra.

Alex 3 .. Root fr. Greek word. "Man's defender." Common as surnames, and Alex (upper 5%) is similar to popular last names Ales (upper 18%), Alexy (35%), with the Ale- prefix. Short form of Alexandra and Alexis .. [Alix]

Alexandra 4 .. Derived fr. Greek element. "Man's defender." A highly popular girls' name (#92 the previous year), Alexandra is also found somewhat commonly as a last name. Latinate feminine form of Alexander .. [Alandra, Alastrina, Alastriona, Alejandra, Alejandrina, Aleka, Alekanederina, Aleki, Alessandrina, Alex, .. 102 more]

Alexis 5 .. Based on Greek word. "Defender." Prominent. Alexis, Lexis, like Beeatris, Damiris, end with the familiar androgynous -is. Originally a boy's name, but now .. [Alessa, Alessi, Alexa, Alexi, Alexina, Lexi, Lexie, Lexis, Lexy, .. 10 more]

Alvara 6 .. .. possibly from German meaning "universal protector". Scarce as a children's name, but Alvara is comparable to the more conventional Alverta. See also Alvera.

Aminta 7 .. Derivative of Greek word. "Defender and vindicator." Seldom used as a birth name. Aminta was the heroine of a .. [Amintah, .. 4 more]

Amparo 8 .. From Spanish element. "Guidance, protection." Adoption of Amparo expanded in the 1920s and has become less, with Amparo becoming less stylish. See also Ambar.

Anaya 9 .. Source fr. Arabic language. "Care, protection." Popular. Anaya, Enaya, like Sharaya, Zoraya, end with the favored feminine -aya. Islamic name and variant of Inaya. [Anayeh, .. 1 more]

Anona 10 .. .. Roman goddess Anonna, guardian of food .. Anona was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Anora.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Defender names: Alex, Alexandra, Alexis, Amparo, Anaya

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Summary of Defender names (and variants) for girls.

Alastair - Anona
Alastair [Alasdair, Alastrina, Alastriona], Alesta, Alex [Alix], Alexandra [Zondra, Zandra, Zohndra, Zanndra, ..], Alexis [Lexy, Lexi, Lexis, Lexie, ..], Alvara, Aminta [Minty, Minta, Amynta, Eminta], Amparo, Anaya [Enaya, Anayeh], Anona

Anselma - Jade
Anselma [Selma, Zelma], Asima, Barbara [Bonny, Varina, Varvara, Borbala, ..], Billie [Willa, Billy, Billye, Billina, ..], Branislava [Branka, Bronislawa], Bridget [Bryjet, Bryjit, Brygitte, Labridget, ..], Bronya, Cass [Cassy, Cassie], Clarimond [Claramond, Claramonda, Claramonde, Clarimunde], Dympna [Dymphna], Edmonda [Edmee, Edmea, Edmonde, Edmunda], Elma [Ellma], Elmina [Almina, Elmena, Almena, Elmeena], Engracia, Genesis [Jenesis, Jenesyss, Jennasis, Gennesiss, ..], Genevieve [Jenny, Janeva, Jennie, Jenevieve, ..], Gulielma [Guglielma], Hilma [Halma, Helma], Inaya [Anaya, Einaye, Iynaia, Inayaat], Jade [Zhade, Jaydee, Jaydra, Jayden, ..]

Juno - Sandra
Juno [Junot, Junia, Juneau, Juneaux], Kennedy [Kenadee, Kennedie], Lara [Larra, Larina, Larita, Larinda, ..], Laverne [Verne, Leverne, Loverna, Laverrne, ..], Levana [Livana, Livaun, Levona, Livanna, ..], Lexie [Lexya, Lexus, Lexina, Lexine, ..], Lisandra [Lizandra, Lissandra], Lucy [Luz, Lucza, Lusita, Luzija, ..], Lysandra [Lyssandra, Lissandra, Lissandrine, Lissandrina, ..], Minna [Minny, Minne, Minnie, Minette, ..], Ola [Olla], Olesia [Ola], Olexa, Osma [Ozma], Parthenia [Pathina, Pathinia, Parthenie, Parthinia, ..], Raina [Reina, Reyna, Reyney, Raynetta, ..], Ritsa, Rosamond [Roz, Rosmunda, Rozamond, Rozamund, ..], Samara [Semara, Sammara], Sandra [Sondra, Zandra, Sonndra, Wysandria, ..]

Sasha - Zelma
Sasha [Zsazsa, Sascha, Sasheen, Saschenka, ..], Selma [Zelma, Sellma, Selmah, Zelmah, ..], Sesheta, Shura [Shurka], Sondra [Zondra, Sohndra, Zohndra, Sonndra], Velma [Valma, Vehlma, Vellma], Vilhelmina [Wilhelmina, Vilhelmine, Villhelmina], Vilma [Wilma], Walburga [Walberga, Wallburga, Walpurgis], Warda [Wardia, Wardine], Warna, Wilhelmina [Wylma, Wilna, Wilmina, Wilmette, ..], Willa, Wilma [Vilma, Wylma, Willma, Wilmina, ..], Wysandra [Wysandria], Xeni, Zandra [Zandy, Zondra, Zohndra, Zanndra, ..], Zarya [Zaria], Zelma [Zelima]