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Delicate Names

12 Delicate names and what they mean, for delicate for baby girls, listing 1-12.

Adin .. (Hebrew) "Delicate and slender." ..
[Adina, Adeana]

Adina .. (Hebrew) "Noble, gentle, delicate." ..
[Adeana, Adeen, Adeena, Adena, Adinah, .. 1 more]

Aspen .. Tree name: a type of poplar familiar in the West, with delicate, heart-shaped leaves that quiver in the lightest breeze, hence its nickname, the "quaking" or "trembling" aspen ..

Columbine .. Also a flower name for a delicate two-colored blossom.
[Colombe, Columbina]

Dalila .. (Swahili, Tanzanian) "Delicate, gentle."

Ersilia .. (Greek, Latin) "Delicate." ..
[Ercilia, Ersila, Erzilia, Hersila, Hersilia]

Hayfa .. (Arabic) "Slender, delicate."

Hersilia .. (Spanish, Greek) "Delicate." ..
[Ercilia, Ersila, Ersilia, Erzilia, Hersila]

Jasmine .. Refers to the climbing plant with delicate, fragrant flowers, which derives from Yasmin ..
[Ismenia, Jas, Jaslyn, Jaslynn, Jasmeen, .. 29 more]

Lacey .. Lacey and its variants may also be used in reference to lace, the delicate fabric made of netted thread, hence giving it a feminine connotation ..
[Lace, Lacee, Lacene, Laci, Laciann, .. 8 more]

Leah .. (Hebrew) "Delicate." ..
[Lea, Lee, Leia, Leigh, Lia]

Malva .. (Greek) "Slender, delicate." ..
[Melva, Melvina]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Delicate names: Aspen, Jasmine, Lacey, Leah

Adina, Dalila, Jasmine, Lacey and Leah are commonly used names, while Adin, Aspen, Columbine, Ersilia, Hayfa, Hersilia and Malva are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: victorian, agreeable, constant, cultured, cute, dangerous, delightful, faithful, fine, flat, gentle, good, graceful, helpful, laborious, light, mild, modest, narrow, pale, pleasing, proper, rare, religious, rough, silky, simple, slender, small, smooth, soft, sweet, tender, thorny.

Marian .. Common in the Middle Ages, and revived in the early Victorian era ..
[Mariam, Mariana, Mariane, Marion, Maryann, .. 1 more]

Winsome .. (Old English) "Agreeable."

Adiva .. (Hebrew) "Polite, considerate." ..
[Adeeva, Adivah]

Connie .. (Latin) "Constant, steadfast." ..
[Con, Konnie]

Ivory .. (Latin) "Creamy-white color."
[Ivoreen, Ivorie, Ivorine]

Marcella .. Saint Marcella (fourth century) was a cultivated woman of ability who was killed during the sack of Rome ..
[Marcela, Marcele, Marcelina, Marcelinda, Marceline, .. 19 more]

Adiba .. (Arabic) "Cultured, refined."
[Adeeba, Adibah]

Coralie .. However, it may also be derived from Italian Coralina, the traditional name of the cunning young woman in the Commedia dell'Arte ..
[Coralee, Coralina, Coraline, Cory]


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