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Designer Names

Page 1/2. 27 Designer names and what they mean, for designer for baby girls, listing 1-20. Adrienne, Alexandra, Caroline, Chanel, Daryl, Donna, Eileen, Gabrielle, Hana, Inez, Isabel, Jill, Kate, Lauren, Linda, Liz and Lulu are commonly used names, while Edina, Emmanuelle and Milena are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Designer names for boys.

Adrienne .. Fashion designer Adrienne Vittadini.
[Adra, Adrea, Adreanna, Adreea, Adria, .. 20 more]

Alexandra .. Fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.
[Alandra, Alastrina, Alastriona, Alejanda, Alejandra, .. 106 more]

Caroline .. Fashion designers Carolina Herrera, Carolyne Roehm ..
[Caddy, Callie, Caraleen, Caraleena, Caralin, .. 99 more]

Chanel .. Contemporary usage may be due to the influence of the legendary fashion designer Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel (1883-1971), and a number of famous perfumes ..
[Chanele, Chanell, Chanelle, Channell, Channelle, .. 8 more]

Daryl .. Fashion designer Darryl Kerrigan.
[Darel, Darille, Darolyn, Darrel, Darrell, .. 18 more]

Donna .. Fashion designer Donna Karan ..
[Dahna, Dahnya, Dona, Donalie, Donella, .. 20 more]

Edina .. Fashion designer Edina Ronay.
[Adena, Adina, Edeena, Edyna]

Eileen .. Fashion designer Eileen Fisher ..
[Aileen, Ailene, Aillin, Aleen, Alene, .. 23 more]

Emmanuelle .. Fashion designer Emmanuelle Khanh.
[Emanuela, Emanuella, Emanuelle, Emmanuella, Emonualle, .. 1 more]

Gabrielle .. Fashion designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel ..
[Brielle, Gabbe, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabi, .. 21 more]

Hana .. Fashion designer Hanae Mori.

Inez .. Designer Inès de la Fressange.
[Ines, Inesita, Inessa, Inetta, Ynes, .. 2 more]

Isabel .. Fashion designer Isabel Toledo.
[Bel, Belia, Belicia, Belita, Bell, .. 38 more]

Jill .. Fashion designer Jil Sander.
[Jil, Jilian, Jilana, Jillan, Jillana, .. 12 more]

Kate .. Designer Kate Spade ..
[Cait, Caitie, Cate, Catee, Catey, .. 10 more]

Lauren .. The fashion designer Ralph Lauren has given the name fashionable associations ..
[Laren, Larentia, Larentina, Larenzina, Larren, .. 28 more]

Linda .. Fashion designer Lindka Cierach.
[Lin, Lindalee, Lindee, Lindey, Lindi, .. 13 more]

Liz .. Clothing designer Liz Lange.
[Lizanne, Lizette, Lizz, Lyz, Lyzz]

Lulu .. Fashion designer Lulu Guinness.

Milena .. Costume designer Milena Canonero.
[Mila, Milada, Milana, Miladena, Milanka, .. 3 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Designer names: Adrienne, Alexandra, Caroline, Chanel, Daryl, Donna, Eileen, Gabrielle, Hana, Inez

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Designer names: Isabel, Jill, Kate, Lauren, Linda, Liz, Lulu, Milena

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