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Determined names and what they mean, for determined, dedicated, faithful, devoted for females. Here is the list of Faithful names for boys. These girl names reached the height of their popularity during 1900-1909 and have become significantly less popular since, with names such as Portia, Minna, Martina, Sibyl and Velma falling out of style. Amina (#408) is the most chic birth name among these.

Amana - Cornelia

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Amana 1 .. Derivative of Hebrew. "Loyal, faithful." Not consistently used as a name for girls. See also Amanda.

Amina 2 .. Root fr. Arabic element. "Honest, faithful." Very popularly used as a name for girls (#408 in 2014), and recorded commonly as a first name among the general female population according to the US Census. See also Aminta. Mother of the prophet Muhammad. [Ameena, Amena, Amineh, .. 3 more]

Carmel 3 .. .. The monastery was dedicated to the .. Name used for both women and men. Carmel is a familiar (Top 28%) given name, and it occurs often (Top 43%) as a surname in the US Census. The forms Mina, Lita, Carmina, Carmelina and Carman are generally used as variations of this name. [Carma, Carmaletta, Carmalita, Carman, Carmanya, .. 40 more]

Chantal 4 .. .. the Vistandines, devoted at first to .. Somewhat rarely used as a name for babies now, though found commonly as a first name among the female populace according to the US Census. The forms Shonta, Shaunta, Shantel, Chantelle and Chantay are popular as versions of this name. [Chandal, Chanta, Chantae, Chantai, Chantall, .. 68 more]

Cornelia 5 .. .. BC by the devoted mother of .. Cornelia is commonplace (Top 17%) as a female name, and it appears frequently (Top 43%) as a last name according to the US Census. The variations Nelly and Nell are popular as variant forms of Cornelia. [Cor, Corneelija, Cornelija, Corelie, Cornelle, .. 21 more]

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[Amana - Cornelia]
Amana, Amina [Amena, Ameena, Aminah, Amynah, Amineh, Ameenah], Carmel [Mina, Lina, Lita, Karmen, Melina, Melita, ..], Chantal [Shonda, Shonta, Shontel, Shontelle, Shawntile, Shawntille, ..], Cornelia [Nell, Nila, Nelly, Nella, Nelia, Nellie, ..]

[Cybele - Willa]
Cybele [Cybel, Cybille], Cynara [Zinara], Elma [Ellma], Elmina [Almena, Elmena, Almina, Almeena, Elmeena], Hilma [Halma, Helma], Leala [Leola, Lealia, Lealie], Lemuela [Lemuelah, Lemuella, Lemuellah], Marcella [Marsella, Marselle, Marsiella, Marshella, Marsalina, Marsellonia, ..], Marcene [Marcina, Marceen, Marcena, Marcenia, Marceyne], Marcia [Marcy, Marsha, Marsia, Martia, Marseea, Marquita, ..], Marcy [Marci, Marcey, Marcee, Marcie, Marsee, Marsey], Maricela [Maricel, Marisela, Maricella], Martina [Tina, Tine, Marty, Martie, Martine, Marteina, ..], Minna [Mina, Minny, Minne, Minnie, Minetta, Minette], Portia, Sibyl [Sybil, Sybill, Sybella, Sybelle, Sybilla, Sybille, ..], Velma [Valma, Vehlma, Vellma], Vilhelmina [Wilhelmina, Vilhelmine, Villhelmina], Wilhelmina [Wylma, Wilna, Wilma, Wilmina, Wilmette, Willybella, ..], Willa

[Wilma - Wilma]
Wilma [Vilma, Wylma, Valma, Velma, Willma, Wilmina]