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Eagle names and what they mean, for eagle for women. Here is the list of Eagle names for boys. These names are rarely used for girls.

Akilina - Egelina

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Akilina 1 .. Derivative of Latin. "Eagle." Not that common as a children's name. Greek and Russian form of Aquilina. [Acquilina, Acuqileena, .. 1 more]

Aquilina 2 .. Based on Latin element. "Eagle." Aquilina and Akilina are atypical female names, and Aquilina appears commonly (upper 18%) as a last name. Spanish feminine form of Aquila. [Akilina]

Arlette 3 .. based on German "arn" meaning "eagle" .. Arleth (top 60%) and Arlet (88%) are found often as surnames. [Arlet, Arleta, Arleth, Arletta]

Arnalda 4 .. Based on Old German language. "Eagle ruler." Unique. Arnalda (cf. Reynalda, Esmaralda) ends with the common feminine-sounding -alda. Italian feminine form of Arnold. [Arnolda]

Arnette 5 .. Root fr. Old German. "Eagle ruler." Not in popularity charts. Feminine of Arnold. [Arnett, Arnita, .. 6 more]

Egelina 6 .. Root fr. Old German, Latin languages. "Eagle." A quirky children's name. From Latin aquilina. [Agilina, Eaglin, Egilina]

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Akilina - Egelina
Akilina [3], Aquilina [1], Arlette [4], Arnalda [1], Arnette [8], Egelina [3]