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Eagle Names for girls

Page 1/2. 6 Eagle names and what they mean, for eagle for females. Here is the list of Eagle names for boys. These names are not commonly used for girls.

Akilina .. (Latin) "Eagle." ..
[Acquilina, Acuqileena, Aquilina]

Aquilina .. (Latin) "Eagle." ..

Arlette .. Probably of Norman French origin, a diminutive based on German "arn" meaning "eagle" ..
[Arlet, Arleta, Arletta]

Arnalda .. (Old German) "Eagle ruler." ..

Arnette .. (Old German) "Eagle ruler." ..
[Arnett, Arnetta, Arnita, Arvilla, Ornett, .. 3 more]

Popularity of Eagle baby names

Arlette and Arnette are commonly used names, while Akilina, Aquilina and Arnalda are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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Related Names

Suggested categories: dove, light (bright), lion (lioness), raven, star (sun), swan, wind.

A to Z Index of all names (with variants) for girls

[Akilina - Arnette]
Akilina [3], Aquilina [1], Arlette [3], Arnalda [1], Arnette [8]

[Egelina - Egelina]
Egelina [3]


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