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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Earth baby names and what they mean, for earth, ashes, with 23 results. Usage of these girl names was at its peak a century ago (ADOPTION OF 0.3%) and is somewhat less today (ADOPTION 0.21%, DOWN 32.1%), with names like Tierra becoming less trendy. Iris (#186), Maia (#569) and Phoenix (#443) are three of the more contemporarily stylish girl names among these Here is the list of Earth names for boys.

Earth names

Adamina - Semele | Terra - Zola

Adamina - Semele

Derived fr. Hebrew. "Earth." Aamina is also a somewhat popular birth name. .. Adam out of the "red earth". [Minna, Ademina, Ademeena, Ada, .. 5 more]

Root fr. Hebrew. "Earth." Rare, but Adana is similar to popular surnames Arana (TOP 3%), Apana (41%), which also end with -ana. See also Adanna. Spanish feminine form of Adam.

Derivative of Hebrew, Arabic languages. "Color of earth." Not widespread. Afra, Affery, etc. are not listed in the US Census. [Aphra, .. 3 more]

.. Dust and Ashes were actually used .. Not Top 2000 names. [Afra, .. 2 more]

.. retired from the earth, according to .. Rare. Astraea and Astraeia are not listed in the US Demographics. [Astraeia]


Derivative of Sanskrit word. "Earth." Usage of Avani as a birth name in 2016 was up 3.8% compared to the previous year. See also Avannia. Hindi name.

Source fr. French word. "Little ashes." A quirky girls' name. Short form of Cendrillon, the French ..

Derived fr. French language. "Little ashes." Usage of Cendrillon and variants was common in the 1880s and is almost as conventional now, but with Cindy falling out of fashion. The name from the fairy tale .. [Ella, Cindie, .. 3 more]


.. that Delphi was the earth's womb .. Moderately unfamiliar as a baby name these days, though Delphine still occurs regularly as a first name for women. [Delphinia, Delfyne, Delfine, Delfin, .. 4 more]


Derived fr. Old English language. "Earth." Somewhat common as girls' names, Eartha, Erthel, etc. are similar to the familiar Martha. From eorthe .. [Hertha, Herta, Ertha, .. 2 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Earth names: Avani, Delphine, Eartha, Gerda, Hertha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Earth names: Ingrid, Iris, Maia, May, Phoenix

Derived fr. Greek. "The earth." Less used today. Gala was the variant last recorded (the 1960s) in the Top 2000. .. goddess of the earth, wife of .. [Gala, .. 3 more]


.. of fertility associated with the earth. Gerda is a recognizable (UPPER 36%) feminine name, while Garda, Geerda and Gerde are atypical. [Gerde, Garda, .. 1 more]


Derived fr. Old English element. "Earth." Eartha (UPPER 44%), Herta (72%) and Hertha (79%) are conventional as given names, while Erda and Ertha are rarely used. .. the German or Scandinavian Earth Mother. [Herta, Eartha, .. 2 more]


Ing, god of earth's fertility, rides .. Inga (TOP 23%), Inge (9%) and Inger (46%) exist frequently as last names. [Ingmar, Inga, .. 2 more]


.. between heaven and earth to deliver .. Iris occurs regularly (TOP 47%) as a surname. [Irita, .. 5 more]

Stems fr. Japanese. "Happiness to the earth." Kishi is uncommon as a girls' name. See also Kissie.


.. she is an earth goddess of .. Maia has become progressively more popular as a birth name since 1880-1889. [Mya, Moya, Moja, Maiah, Maaja, .. 6 more]


.. for Maia, the Roman earth goddess .. Maia (TOP 22%), May (1%), Maya (3%), Maye (5%) and Mei (4%) are found regularly as surnames. [Mei, Maylene, Mayleen, Maj, Maelee, Mae, .. 7 more]


.. is resurrected from its own ashes .. A highly conventional girls' name (#443 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Phoenix is also used often as a surname. [Phenice, Fenix, Feenix]

.. of an early Greek earth goddess .. Semel (TOP 30%), Semple (8%) are common last names. [Semelle, Samelle]

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Summary Index of Earth names [and variants] for girls.

1. Adamina - Semele
Adamina [Mina, Minna, Addie, Ademina, Adamine, Ademeena, Adaminna, Adameena], Adana, Afra [Aphra, Affra, Affery, Affera], Aphra [Afra, Affery, Affera], Astraea [Astraeia], Avani, Cendrine, Cinderella [Ella, Cindy, Cindie, Cendrillon, Cenerentola], Delphine [Delfa, Delfin, Delpha, Delfyne, Delfine, Delphina, Delphinia, Delphinea], Eartha [Erda, Herta, Ertha, Hertha, Erthel], Gaia [Gala, Gaea, Gaiea, Gaiana], Gerda [Gerde, Garda, Geerda], Hertha [Erda, Herta, Ertha, Eartha], Ingrid [Inge, Inga, Inger, Ingmar], Iris [Irita, Irisa, Irida, Irisha, Iridiana, Iridianny], Kishi, Maia [May, Mya, Moya, Moja, Moia, Maya, Maja, Mayah, ..], May [Mei, Maj, Maye, Maya, Mala, Mayana, Maylene, Mayleen, ..], Phoenix [Fenix, Feenix, Phenice], Semele [Semelle, Samelle]

Terra [Tera, Tiera, Terah, Tierra, Terrah], Tierra [Tiera, Tierre, Tiyaira, Tierria, Tierrea], Zola [Zolia, Zoela, Izola]

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