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Egypt names and what they mean, for egypt, egyptian for women. Here is the list of Egyptian names for boys. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in 1998 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Nila, Ebony and Berenice becoming less in vogue. Alexandria (#211), Isis (#706) and Kyra (#485) are three of the more fashionable birth names in this list.

Alexandria - Thais

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Alexandria 1 .. .. name of the city in Egypt .. The name Alexandria has gained increasing favor with parents since 1880. See also Alexandrine.

Anwar 2 .. .. name borne by Egyptian President Anwar .. Also suitable as a boys' name. Distinctive as a birth name for females, existing more often as a surname.

Asenath 3 Source fr. Egyptian word. "She belongs to her father." Atypical as a birth name. .. " or from an Egyptian name meaning " .. [Acenath]

Berenice 4 .. .. introduced to the Egyptian royal house .. Usage of Berenice as a girls' name has waned over time. See also Beranice. [Berenis, Berenise, Bernetta, Bernise, .. 3 more]

Charmian 5 .. .. attendant of the Egyptian queen in .. Unusual as a name for babies. See also Charmine. [Charmin, Charmiane, Sharmiane, Sharmyane, .. 4 more]

Chrysantha 6 .. .. of a semi-legendary third-century Egyptian saint .. Unusual as a baby name. See also Chryssantha. [Chrisanna, Chrysandra, Krisandra, .. 2 more]

Cleopatra 7 .. .. royal family of Egypt as Berenice .. Distinctive as a given name nowadays, but existing often as a first name among women in the community in the US Census. [Clea, Cleona, Cleonie, Clio, .. 3 more]

Ebony 8 From Egyptian elements. "Black wood." Usage of Ebony as a given name for baby girls has faded over the years. The form Eboni is commonplace as a version of Ebony. .. Greek ebenos, from Egyptian origin known .. [Ebboney, Ebo, Ebonee, Eboni, Ebonique, .. 8 more]

Fulvia 9 .. .. behalf while he was in Egypt. Atypical as a name for babies.

Gypsy 10 .. .. thought to have originated in Egypt .. Uncommon as a name for kids. [Gipsee, Gipsy, .. 1 more]

Isadora 11 .. .. the principal goddess of ancient Egypt .. Isadora is commonly occurring (Top 95%) as a given name. [Isidora, Ysadora]

Isis 12 Origin fr. Egyptian. .. the female goddesses of ancient Egypt .. The name Isis has become progressively more popular with parents.

Jubilee 13 .. .. celebration of the liberation from Egypt .. Unusual as a birth name, existing more commonly as a last name. [Jubalee]

Kyra 14 .. .. the Persian and Egyptian word for .. The name Kyra has risen in popularity as a given name for girls over time. The variation Keira is commonplace as a form of this name. [Kaira, Keira, Kyrah, Kyrha, Kyrie, .. 6 more]

Nefertiti 15 Queen of Egypt around 1350 BC. Several .. Uncommon as a given name.

Nila 16 .. on the river Nile in Egypt. Nila is a conventional (Top 37%) feminine name, and it appears commonly (Top 91%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Neala. [Naila, Nyla]

Sesheta 17 Egyptian mythology: Sesheta was the goddess .. Unusual as a given name.

Thais 18 .. .. then went to Egypt and became .. Uncommon as a girls' name. [Tais, Taisa, Thaisa, .. 1 more]

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Alexandria, Anwar, Asenath [1], Berenice [7], Charmian [8], Chrysantha [5], Cleopatra [7], Ebony [13], Fulvia, Gypsy [3], Isadora [2], Isis, Jubilee [1], Kyra [11], Nefertiti, Nila [2], Sesheta, Thais [4]