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Egypt Names

18 Egypt names and what they mean, for egypt, egyptian for baby girls, listing 1-18. Here is the list of Egyptian names for boys.

Alexandria .. Variant of Alexandra, influenced by the name of the city in Egypt, founded by Alexander the Great in 322 BC and named in his honor ..

Anwar .. Most familiar as a man's name borne by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Asenath (Egyptian) "She belongs to her father." Also possibly from Aramaic meaning "thorn bush" or from an Egyptian name meaning "gift of Isis" .. Biblical: Joseph's Egyptian wife.

Berenice .. It was introduced to the Egyptian royal house by the widow of one of Alexander the Great's officers, who married Ptolemy I ..
[Berenis, Berenisa, Berenise, Bernessa, Bernetta, .. 2 more]

Charmian .. Literary: Shakespeare used the name for an attendant of the Egyptian queen in "Anthony and Cleopatra" ..
[Charmin, Charmiane, Charmyan, Sharmian, Sharmiane, .. 3 more]

Chrysantha .. Feminine of Chrysanthus, the name of a semi-legendary third-century Egyptian saint ..
[Chrisanna, Chrisanne, Chrysandra, Crisanna, Krisandra]

Cleopatra .. From Kleopatra, derived from "kleo" and "pater", and the name of many queens in the Ptolemaic royal family of Egypt (as Berenice was), the most famous of whom was retold by Shakespeare in "Anthony and Cleopatra" (1606) ..
[Clea, Cleo, Cleona, Cleone, Cleonie, .. 2 more]

Ebony (Egyptian) "Black wood." Name of the wood (Latin ebenius, from Greek ebenos, from Egyptian origin) known for its color ..
[Ebboney, Ebbony, Ebo, Ebone, Ebonee, .. 8 more]

Fulvia .. In classical times its most famous bearer was the wife of Mark Anthony, who opposed Octavian on her husband's behalf while he was in Egypt.

Gypsy .. The tribe of Romany was called "gypsy" because they were thought to have originated in Egypt ..
[Gipsee, Gipsey, Gipsy]

Isadora .. Isis was the principal goddess of ancient Egypt ..
[Isidora, Ysadora]

Isis (Egyptian) The most powerful of all the female goddesses of ancient Egypt ..

Jubilee .. Term for a fiftieth-year anniversary celebration of the liberation from Egypt, marked in biblical times by the blowing of a ram's horn.

Kyra .. From the male name Kyros (see Kyrie), from the Persian and Egyptian word for "like Ra, the sun" ..
[Kaira, Keera, Keira, Kira, Kyrah, .. 6 more]

Nefertiti Queen of Egypt around 1350 BC ..

Nila Geography name based on the river Nile in Egypt.
[Naila, Nyla]

Sesheta Egyptian mythology: Sesheta was the goddess of the stars and the patroness of writing and literature.

Thais .. Some stories add that she then went to Egypt and became the mistress of the reigning Ptolemy ..
[Tais, Taisa, Taisse, Thaisa]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Egypt names: Alexandria, Berenice, Ebony, Isis, Kyra, Nila

Alexandria, Berenice, Cleopatra, Ebony, Isadora, Isis, Kyra and Nila are commonly used names, while Anwar, Asenath, Charmian, Chrysantha, Fulvia, Gypsy, Jubilee, Nefertiti, Sesheta and Thais are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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