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Egypt Names

Egypt names and what they mean, for egypt, egyptian for females. Here is the list of Egyptian names for boys. These girl names reached the peak of their popularity in 1998 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Ebony, Berenice, Kyra and Nila becoming less trendy.

Alexandria - Charmian

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Alexandria 1 .. Variant of Alexandra, influenced by the name of the city in Egypt, founded by Alexander the Great in 322 BC and named in his honor .. Usage as a name for newborns is widespread (#211 in 2014). Alexandria is also found somewhat commonly as a last name. See also Alexanda.

Anwar 2 .. Most familiar as a man's name borne by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Distinctive as a name for baby girls, Anwar is used more often as a surname. Name applicable for both girls and boys.

Asenath 3 Origin fr. Egyptian element. "She belongs to her father." Atypical as a birth name. Also possibly from Aramaic meaning "thorn bush" or from an Egyptian name meaning "gift of Isis" .. [Acenath]

Berenice 4 .. It was introduced to the Egyptian royal house by the widow of one of Alexander the Great's officers, who married Ptolemy I .. Usage of Berenice as a birth name has declined over the years since 1890-1899. The variation Bernetta is common as a variant form of the name. [Berenis, Berenise, Bernetta, Bernise, .. 3 more]

Charmian 5 .. Literary: Shakespeare used the name for an attendant of the Egyptian queen in "Anthony and Cleopatra" .. Unusual as a name for baby girls. See also Charmeen. [Charmin, Charmiane, Sharmiane, Sharmyane, .. 4 more]

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Summary of all Egypt names (and their variants) for girls.

[Alexandria - Charmian]
Alexandria, Anwar, Asenath [Acenath], Berenice [Bernie, Bernise, Berenisa, Berenise, Bernetta, Bernessa], Charmian [Charmin, Sharmian, Sharmyan, Charmyan, Sharmiane, Sharmyane, ..]

[Chrysantha - Nefertiti]
Chrysantha [Crisanna, Chrisanne, Krisandra, Chrisanna, Chrysandra], Cleopatra [Cleo, Clio, Cleta, Cleona, Cleone, Cleonie], Ebony [Ebonie, Ebonyi, Ebonni, Ebonny, Ebonney, Ebonique, ..], Fulvia, Gypsy [Gipsy, Gipsee, Gipsey], Isadora [Isidora, Ysadora], Isis, Jubilee [Jubalee], Kyra [Kyrha, Kyria, Kyrie, Kyrra, Kyrene, Kyreena, ..], Nefertiti

[Nila - Thais]
Nila [Nyla, Naila], Sesheta, Thais [Tais, Taisa, Taisse, Thaisa]


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