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Elf names and what they mean, for elf for women. Here is the list of Elf names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread in the year 2012 (usage of 0.1517%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.1513%, down 0.3%), but with names such as Alfreda, Alvina and Elvina becoming less in vogue. Aubrey (#20) and Avery (#13) are two of the more contemporarily stylish girl names here.

Ailsa - Nissa

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Ailsa 1 .. .. personal name meaning elf or magical .. Unusual. Ailsa, Elsa (cf. Mauresa, Meryssa) use the familiar feminine -sa suffix. [Ailis, Elsha, .. 3 more]

Albreda 2 .. Source fr. Old German element. "Elf counsel." Unique as a birth name. See also Allfreda. Feminine of Aubrey.

Alfreda 3 .. Derivative of Old German, Old English languages. "Elf or magical counsel." Slightly infrequent as a birth name nowadays, though Alfreda still occurs often as a female first name. Feminine of Alfred .. [Alfi, Alfie, Alfredia, Alfreeda, Alfrieda, Alfryda, Allfie, Allfreda, Allfredah, Allfrieda, .. 45 more]

Alvar 4 .. Origin fr. Old English word. "Elf or magical army, warrior." Alvera is commonplace (upper 63%) as a women's name, whereas Alvar and Alvara are infrequently used. From Aelfhere. [Alvara, .. 1 more]

Alvara 5 .. Based on Italian, Old English elements. "Elf warrior." Alvara (cf. Delavara, Avara) is a popular -vara suffix last name. See also Alvera. From Aelfhere ..

Alverdine 6 .. Stems fr. Old English. "Elf or magical counsel." Unique. Alverdine (cf. Ondine, Edwardine) ends with the familiar feminine -dine. Rare feminine form of Alfred ..

Alvina 7 .. Root fr. Old English element. "Elf or magical being, friend." Somewhat common as children's names, Elvina, Alvina, etc. are similar to the conventional Elvia. Feminine of Alvin. [Alveena, Alveene, Alvie, Alvine, Alvinia, Elveena, Elvene, Elvina, Elvinia, Vina, .. 12 more]

Arwen 8 .. an elf maiden in Tolkien's Lord .. Unusual. Arwen (cf. Gwen, Eirwen) uses the common feminine-sounding -wen suffix. [Arwyn]

Aubrey 9 .. Based on Old German. "Elf or magical being, power." Aubrey, Aubree, Aubri, Aubriana and Aubrie are common as versions. Originally a man's name, from Norman .. [Aubary, Aubree, Aubri, Aubriana, Aubrie, .. 7 more]

Avery 10 .. Origin fr. Old English element. "Elf counsel." Common. Avery (cf. Mallory, Glory) ends with the common androgynous -ry. Feminine of Alfred that originated as .. [Aeverie, .. 3 more]

Elfrida 11 .. Derivative of Latin, Old English. "Elf, magical being strength." Usage of Alfreda as a baby name has declined since 1920-1929. 19th century revival of the female .. [Alfreda, Elfie, Elfreda, Elfryda, Elva, Freda, Freddy, Freeda, Fryda, .. 16 more]

Elvina 12 .. Root fr. Old English language. "Elf or magical being, friend." Somewhat common as birth names, Vina, Elvina, etc. are comparable to the popular Gina. Feminine of Elvin .. [Alveena, Elvena, Elvene, Elvie, Vinny, .. 11 more]

Nissa 13 .. Also possibly (Scandinavian) "elf". The name .. Uncommon. Nissa, like Narcissa, Nerissa, ends with the favored feminine -issa. [Nis, Nissnana, Nissanit, .. 1 more]

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Ailsa - Nissa
Ailsa [5], Albreda, Alfreda [55], Alvar [2], Alvara, Alverdine, Alvina [22], Arwen [1], Aubrey [12], Avery [4], Elfrida [25], Elvina [16], Nissa [4]