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Elizabeth - Elsie

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Elizabeth 1 .. Can also mean "God's promise", "God's satisfaction" or "God's perfection" .. Elizabeth is common (Top 1%) as a feminine name, appearing commonly (Top 65%) as a last name according to the US Census. The variations Lizbeth, Lissette, Lisabeth, Libbie, Isabella, Elsy, Ellie, Eliza, Elisa, Bettie, Bessie and Babette are familiar as variant forms of the name. [Alixyveth, Babette, Belita, Bella, .. , Elsie, .. 185 more]

Elsa 2 .. Short form of Elisabeth or Elizabeth .. Very common choice for a name for kids (#286 the previous year), Elsa is also used somewhat frequently as a surname. The variation Elsie is familiar as a form of this name. [Else, Elsie, Elssa, Helsa, .. , .. 2 more]

Elsie 3 .. "God is my oath." A very common given name for baby girls (#336 a year ago), and found frequently as a first name among the general female population according to the US Census. See also Elssa. Variant of Elspie, a pet form of Elspeth. [Elsy]

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[Elizabeth - Elsie]
Elizabeth [Veta, Tetty, Ysabel, Lyzette, Ylisabet, Ysabella, Yzabelle, Yelisaveta, Ylisabette, Yelizaveta, ..], Elsa [Else, Ilse, Elsy, Ilsa, Elsie, Elssa, Helsa], Elsie [Elsy]