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Emerald - Meralda

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Emerald 1 .. "Precious gemstone." The variant form Esmeralda has become progressively more popular as a name for girls. Jewel name: Emerald is the birthstone for May .. [Em, Emeralda, Emeraude, Esmeralda, .. 2 more]

Emmarald 2 Variant of Emerald, influenced by Emma. Not frequently used as a name for babies.

Esmeralda 3 .. Root fr. Spanish word. "Emerald." The name Esmeralda has become progressively more popular as a girls' name. The variation Emerald is commonly used as a form of this name. .. This jewel name was first used in the 1880s and is more common than Emerald .. [Em, Emerald, Emeraude, Esmaralda, .. , .. 16 more]

Meralda 4 .. Derivative of Latin language. "Emerald." A given name which is only scarcely used. See also Marilda. ..

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[Emerald - Meralda]
Emerald [Em, Emeralda, Emeraude, Emmarald, Esmeralda, Emeraldina], Emmarald, Esmeralda [Lala, Esmie, Ezzie, Lolly, Marilda, Smeralda, Esmiralda, Esmirelda, Ezmeralda, Esmiralde, ..], Meralda