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Eleanor - Nova

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Eleanor 1 .. .. personality, intelligence, and energy made her .. Usage of Eleanor, Ellene, etc. as children's names in 2014 was up 19.6% compared to the previous decade. [Aleanor, Alenor, Aline, Elanor, Elen, Eleni, Elenora, Eleonora, Eleonore, Elianora, .. 68 more]

Nova 2 .. .. tremendous burst of energy, becoming temporarily .. Novella (Top 37%) and Nova (37%) are recognizable women's names, whereas Novia is atypical. [Novella, Novia]

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[Eleanor - Nova]
Eleanor [Nore, Nora, Nelly, Norah, Nelli, Nellie, Nonnie, Norina, ..], Nova [Novia, Novella]