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England baby names and what they mean, for england, britain, british, with 86 results. These girl names reached the top of their popularity 135 years ago (USAGE OF 20.22%) and are somewhat less common today (USAGE 9.58%, 53%), with names such as Emma becoming less in vogue. The more fashionable girl names among these are Adeline (#135), Amelia (#12), Aubrey (#21), Caroline (#62) and Charlotte (#9), while Omelia (TOP 23%) and Awbrey (23%) are popular surnames. Here is the list of England names for boys.

England names

Abigail - Bernice | Bertha - Edna | Elfrida - Leslie | Letitia - Simla | Talbot - Zara

Abigail - Bernice

.. into use in Britain in the .. Abigaile is also a marginally favored baby name. [Gayle, Gayel, Gale, Gaila, Abi, Abegale, Abbygail, Abbygael, Abbigai, Abbigael, .. 33 more]

.. died out in England in the .. Popular. Compare Adela, Adella with common -la surnames Ajala (TOP 58%), Arola (37%). [Edelle, Adelle, Adelia, Adele, Adalia, .. 5 more]

.. First popular in England after the .. Adelaide and Adeline have increased in popularity since 1950-1959. [Laidey, Delle, Alyosha, Ado, Adelyn, Adell, Adelicia, Adelheid, Adelade, Addy, .. 48 more]

Used occasionally in England since the .. Used frequently as baby names, Delly, Adeline, etc. are pronounced like the common Dolly. [Lina, Dallina, Daline, Dahlina, Aline, Adelind, Adelina, Adalene, .. 21 more]

.. professional writer in England was named .. Not in Top 2000. [Aphra, Affra, Affera, .. 1 more]

.. very popular in Britain after the .. Alexandra, Alesandere, etc. became less trendy in 2015, dropping -533 positions as children's names with Sandy dropping the most. [Zondra, Sondra, Sohndra, Shurochka, Shura, Sannie, Sandye, Sandy, Sandra, Sandie, .. 102 more]

.. and revived in England in the .. Adoption of Alison and variants as children's names in 2015 was 6.6% less than the year before. [Alysoun, Alysan, Allysoun, Allyson, Allison, Allisanne, Allcenne, Alisun, Alisoun, .. 19 more]

.. 1212 birth record from Warwickshire, England .. Usage of Amandi and variants was at a high 4 decades ago and is now diminished, with Manda becoming less trendy. [Mandy, Mandaline, Demanda, Amandine, Amandi, Amada, .. 10 more]

.. Amelia brought the name to Britain .. Adoption of Amelia, Amalita, etc. as children's names in 2015 was up 3.5% compared to the previous year. [Milly, Amy, Amelyne, Amelya, Ameliya, Amelina, Amalyna, Amaly, Amalita, Amalija, .. 37 more]

.. used occasionally in England in the .. Anastasia is a contemporarily stylish form. [Tasya, Tasia, Tasa, Taisie, Stasya, Stasja, Stasiya, Stasia, Stacey, Stace, .. 37 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of England names: Abigail, Adela, Adelaide, Adeline, Alexandra

Top 2000 baby names ranking of England names: Alison, Amanda, Amelia, Anastasia, Angela

Top 2000 baby names ranking of England names: Anne, Arabella, Ashton, Aubrey, Audrey

Top 2000 baby names ranking of England names: Augusta, Azaria, Beatrice, Bernice

.. became popular in Britain and America .. Adoption of Angela and variants as baby names in 2015 was 10.2% less than 2014. [Tangela, Gelya, Annijilla, Anngela, Anjela, Angyola, Angil, Angelynn, Angellina, Angeles, .. 37 more]

.. two queens of England, a queen .. Anne, Nancee, etc. became less popular in 2015, falling on average -14 rankings as children's names with Anabel leading the decline. [Onie, Nettie, Nettia, Nanor, Nannie, Nanine, Nanete, Nancey, Nance, Nan, .. 86 more]

.. Popular in England, where it has .. Ara (top 26%), Bel (35%), Bella (9%) and Belle (5%) occur often as surnames. [Orbelle, Orabelle, Orabel, Belle, Arbelle, Arbella, Arbela, Arabelle, .. 9 more]

.. boy's name in England in the .. Ashten and variants peaked in popularity in 1997 and have become less common, with Ashton becoming somewhat dated. [Ashtyn, .. 1 more]

.. that arrived in England with the .. Adoption of Aubrey, Aubree, etc. as children's names in 2015 was down 10.3% compared to the previous year. [Aubury, Aubrianna, .. 11 more]

.. at Saint Audrey's Fair in England .. Audelia, Audene, Audessa, Audi and Audreen are more unusual as variations of Audrey. [Audrye, Audry, Audris, Audrie, Audree, Audie, Audi, Audessa, Audene, .. 8 more]

Imported to England by the German .. Augusta has dwindled in favor as a girls' name since the 1880s. [Tina, Gussie, Austina, Augustina, Asta, .. 12 more]

.. Used occasionally in England from the .. Azaria has been the recurring favorite, though Azariah is currently the preferred form. [Azariah]

.. occasionally used in England in the .. Beah, Beatie, Beatrica, Beatrisa and Beatriss are more unusual as forms of Beatrice. [Trixy, Trix, Beitriss, Beitris, Beeatrice, Beea, Bee, Beattie, Beatrix, Beatriss, .. 14 more]

.. first occurred in Britain in the .. Barrie, Berneice, Bernita, Bunny and Veronika are prevalent as variant forms of Bernice. [Veronique, Vernice, Bernyce, Bernisha, Berneice, Bernette, Berneece, Berenyce, Beranyce, Beraniece, .. 28 more]

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Summary Index of England names [and variants] for girls.

1. Abigail - Bernice
Abigail [Gayel, Gayle, ..], Adela [Adelle, Edelle, ..], Adelaide [Lady, Laidey, ..], Adeline [Lina, Edelie, ..], Afra [Affra, Aphra, ..], Alexandra [Zondra, Zohndra, ..], Alison [Alyson, Alysoun, ..], Amanda [Mando, Mandy, ..], Amelia [Milly, Millie, ..], Anastasia [Tasja, Tasya, ..], Angela [Gelya, Tangela, ..], Anne [Oni, Onie, ..], Arabella [Orbella, Orbelle, ..], Ashton [Ashten, Ashtyn], Aubrey [Aubry, Aubury, ..], Audrey [Audry, Audrye, ..], Augusta [Tina, Gusta, ..], Azaria [Azariah], Beatrice [Trixy, Trixie, ..], Bernice [Veronike, Veronique, ..]

Bertha [Birtha, Laberta, ..], Blanche [Blinny, Branca, ..], Boadicea, Brett [Britt, Brette, ..], Brianna [Brynne, Breayanna, ..], Bristol, Brittania [Britannia, Brittanya], Brittany [Bryttnee, Bryttney, ..], Carden [Cardin, Cardon], Caroline [Sharline, Sharlyne, ..], Cecilia [Sissy, Sissie, ..], Charlotte [Sheryl, Tottie, ..], Chelsea [Cheslee, Chessie, ..], Claire [Seara, Searra, ..], Cymbeline [Cymbaline], Devon [Devyn, Devynn, ..], Dorsey [Dorsie, Dorseigh, ..], Ebba [Ebbe], Edina [Edyna, Edeena, ..], Edna [Ena, Ednah, ..]

Elfrida [Fryda, Friede, ..], Elizabeth [Ysabella, Yzabelle, ..], Ella [Elly, Ellina, ..], Emma [Ima, Emmylou, ..], Euronwy, Floella, Gytha [Githa], Haldana [Haldane, Haldanna], Hebe, Henrietta [Yetta, Yettie, ..], Hilda [Hildy, Hylda, ..], Irene [Rina, Yarina, ..], Jacobina [Jakobina, Jakobine, ..], Jacqueline [Zhakelina, Zhaqueline, ..], Jemima [Mima, Mimma, ..], Jocelyn [Jozlyn, Joycelyn, ..], Karin, Kendall [Kyndal, Kyndall, ..], Lacey [Laisey, Laycie, ..], Leslie [Lezley, Lezlie, ..]

Letitia [Tish, Tisha, ..], Lynette [Lynnet, Lynnette, ..], Margaret [Rita, Peggy, ..], Margery [Marjy, Marjory, ..], Maria [Moriah, Moraiah, ..], Marion [Maryon, Maryonn], Marjorie [Marjy, Marjory, ..], Matilda [Tilly, Tillie, ..], Melba [Melva, Mellba], Mercia, Norma [Normie, Normina], Pippa [Pip, Pippy], Priscilla [Prissy, Prysilla, ..], Prudence [Prue, Prudy, ..], Rona [Ronna, Ronelle, ..], Rose [Zita, Ruzsa, ..], Sabrina [Sebrina, Zabrina, ..], Selina [Sylena, Sylina, ..], Shandy [Shandey, Shandie, ..], Simla

Talbot [Talbott, Tallbot], Venus [Venusina, Venusita, ..], Veronica [Vonnie, Veronqua, ..], Victoria [Vitoria, Vittoria, ..], Wallis [Wally, Wallys, ..], Zara [Zayra, Zayeera, ..]

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