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Epic Names

8 Epic names and what they mean, for epic for baby girls, listing 1-8. Armida, Carissa and Una are commonly used names, while Calliope, Clio, Kalliope, Meadhbh and Tristana are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Epic names for boys.

Armida .. First used in the 16th century by Italian poet Torquato Tasso for a character in an epic poem "Gerusalemme Liberata", meaning "Jerusalem Liberated".

Calliope .. Mythology: the muse of epic poetry ..
[Callia, Callyope, Kalliope]

Carissa .. Used by Edmund Spencer in his epic 1590 poem "The Faerie Queene".
[Caresa, Caressa, Caris, Carisa, Carrisa, .. 5 more]

Clio .. Calliope (epic poetry), Terpsichore (choral song and dance), and Thalis (comedy) have survived as given names ..
[Cleo, Klio]

Kalliope .. Mythology: Calliope is the muse of epic poetry.

Meadhbh .. It was borne by the Queen of Connacht in the Irish epic Táin Bó Cuailnge.

Tristana .. The tale has been told in an epic poem by Tennyson and an opera by Wagner.
[Tristen, Tristenna]

Una .. It was used by Edmund Spenser in his 16th-century epic poem "The Faerie Queen", where the heroine of the first book is Una ..
[Euna, Oona, Oonagh, Unagh, Unah, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Epic names: Armida, Carissa, Una

Featured categories: ballad, pastoral, poem, rhyme, song, story, tale, verse.

Alba ..
[Albane, Albia, Albina, Albine, Albinia, .. 3 more]

Frankie .. It is most famous as the name of the heroine of "The Ballad of Frankie and Johnny".

Medora .. Medora is a romantic heroine in Lord Byron's narrative poem "The Corsair".

Aminta .. Aminta was the heroine of a well-known pastoral play by the Italian poet Torquato Tasso (16th century) of the Renaissance.
[Amintah, Amynta, Eminta, Minta, Minty]

Alcina .. Literary: Italian poet Ludovico Ariosto used the name Alcina for a mistress of alluring enchantments and sensual pleasures in the 16th century Orlando poems.
[Alcee, Alcine, Alcinia, Allcine, Allcinia, .. 5 more]

Bonnie .. The old nursery rhyme claims that "the child who is born on the Sabbath Day/is bonny and blithe and good and gay", which makes this an appropriate name for a Sunday's child ..
[Bonne, Bonnebell, Bonnee, Bonnell, Bonney, .. 12 more]

Fleur .. Modern use of the name was introduced by John Galsworthy's novel "The Forsyte Saga" (1922), where one of the main characters is called Fleur ..
[Fleurette, Fleurine, Florine]

Adeline .. Opera soprano Adelina Patti (late 19th century) and a well-known song called "Sweet Adeline" gave the name exposure ..
[Adalene, Adalina, Adaline, Adallina, Adalyn, .. 20 more]

Anastasia .. The name of one of the daughters of Nicholas II, the last Russian czar, who supposedly survived the massacre of the royal family, and a film was based on this story (1956) ..
[Ana, Anastacia, Anastaise, Anastase, Anastasha, .. 42 more]

Aurora .. In some versions of the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty", the princess's name is Aurora ..
[Aurea, Aurore, Ora, Rora, Rory, .. 2 more]

Lalla .. Poet Thomas Moore wrote a series of four verse tales called "Lalla Rookh" in 1817 ..


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