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Beta - Hannah

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Beta 1 .. Also a middle-European variant of Beth. A birth name for females that is not commonly used. See also Betha.

Carla 2 .. A European-sounding version of the many names that derive from Charles .. Usage of the name Carla as a given name has fallen off over the years since 1960-1969. The variations Carlyn, Carlie, Carletta and Carleigh are generally used as variant forms of the name. [Carlah, Carlana, Carleah, Carleen, Carleeza, .. 38 more]

Ceres 3 .. Only rarely used as a girls' name. See also Cerea. From Indo-European "ker" ..

Creola 4 .. Derivative of French, Portuguese elements. "Of American birth but European descent." Somewhat unusual as a name for girls nowadays, but recorded frequently as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. See also Cerella. Used to describe natives of the West Indies and Louisiana who were the offspring of European-born colonists. [Creole, Creolla, .. 1 more]

Hannah 5 .. Are the European forms .. Hannah is a recognizable (Top 9%) women's name, and it occurs regularly (Top 2%) as a surname according to the US Census. The forms Nan, Hana and Anne are widely used as variations of Hannah. [Ann, Anne, Chana, Chanha, Channah, .. 19 more]

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[Beta - Hannah]
Beta, Carla [Carly, Karla, Carlyn, Karlla, Carlyjo, Carlyse, Karlita, Carlreca, ..], Ceres, Creola [Creole, Creolla, Criolla], Hannah [Nan, Hanny, Nanny, Honna, Hannie, Nanney, Nannie, Hannelore, ..]

[Jolan - Melusine]
Jolan [Jola, Jolaine, Jolande, Jolanne, Yolanne, Jolanta, Jolantha], Kasha, Katrina [Katryna, Kotryna, Ketrina, Ketryna, Katriona, Kotrijna, Ketreina, Katrionagh, ..], Melusine [Melusina]