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Beta - Melusine

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Beta 1 .. .. Also a middle European variant of .. Beta is rare as a girls' name.

Carla 2 .. .. A European sounding version of the .. Common. Carla, Karla, like Karrla, Mirla, end with the familiar feminine -rla. [Carlah, Carlana, Carleeza, Carlene, Carley, Carlicia, Carlina, Carliqua, Carlise, Carlisia, .. 33 more]

Ceres 3 .. Unique. Ceres, like Dolores, Patches, ends with the popular androgynous-sounding -es. See also Cerisa. From Indo European "ker". Mythology: the ..

Creola 4 .. Source fr. French, Portuguese words. "Of American birth but European descent." Unusual. Compare Creola, Creolla, etc., and common last names Crelia, Crelly, which also begin with Cr-. .. the offspring of European born colonists. [Creole, .. 2 more]

Hannah 5 .. .. are the European forms; Hanne is .. Hannah, Hannele, etc. became less popular in 2014, dropping on average -12 positions as baby names with Hanna leading the decline. [Ann, Anna, Chana, Channach, Hanah, Hanne, Honna, Nanney, Nannie, Nanny, .. 14 more]

Jolan 6 .. Middle European form of Iolanthe. Yolanda .. Jolan, Jolanne, etc. are hardly found as female names. [Jola, Jolanta, Yolanne, .. 4 more]

Kasha 7 .. grain used in Middle European cuisine. Scarce as a birth name, but Kasha is comparable to the more common Sasha. See also Masha.

Katrina 8 .. name has a European sound to .. Unique. Catrina, var., like Taurina, Cedrina, end with the popular feminine-sounding -rina. [Caitrionagh, Kotrijna, .. 18 more]

Melusine 9 .. In European mythology, a female spirit .. Unusual. Compare Melusine, and common last names Clubine, Delaine, with the -ine suffix. [Melusina]

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[Beta - Melusine]
Beta, Carla [43], Ceres, Creola [3], Hannah [24], Jolan [7], Kasha, Katrina [20], Melusine [1]