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Evil names and what they mean, for evil for women.

Jezebel - Odette

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Jezebel 1 .. Biblical: an evil queen of Israel .. Jezebel is an uncommonly used feminine name. [Jessabell, Jezabel, Jezebelle, Jezibelle, .. 4 more]

Laufeia 2 .. .. Norse god of destruction and evil. Not generally used as a name for kids.

Odette 3 .. .. Odile is the evil black swan .. Not generally used as a given name, Odette is found more frequently as a last name. See also Orette. [Odetta]

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[Jezebel - Odette]
Jezebel [Jezabel, Jezibel, Jetzabel, Jezybell, Jessabell, Jezebelle, Jezibelle, Jezabella], Laufeia, Odette [Odetta]