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Leila - Zara

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Leila 1 .. Used by authors for the names of exotic female characters in the early 19th century .. The name Leila has gained in popularity over the years since 1990. The forms Lila, Lelah and Layla are commonplace as versions of this name. [Laila, Leelah, Lelah, Lila, .. 8 more]

Theda 2 .. Exotic silent film celebrity Theda Bara. Theda is conventional (Top 33%) as a first name. See also Thada. [Theida, .. 2 more]

Zara 3 .. Literary name often used for exotic characters .. A very popular name for girls. The variation Zariah is generally used as a variant form of this name. [Zaira, Zarah, Zarina, Zary, .. 6 more]

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[Leila - Zara]
Leila [Lyla, Lela, Lila, Leela, Lelah, Lelia, Leyla, Lilah, Leilah, Leelah, ..], Theda [Theta, Thida, Theida], Zara [Zary, Zaria, Zayra, Zarah, Zaira, Zariah, Zarria, Zarina, Zarinda, Zayeera]