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Asteria - Frances

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Asteria 1 .. Asteria was a woman whom Zeus took a fancy to .. An uncommon birth name. See also Astra.

Evangeline 2 .. Fancy name from evangelium .. The name Evangeline has gained increasing favor as a given name since 1960-1969. The variation Evangelina is prevalent as a variant form of Evangeline. [Engie, Eva, Evangela, Evangelina, Evangeliste, .. 9 more]

Fancy 3 "Imagination, fantasy." Distinctive as a birth name. See also Nancy. ..

Frances 4 .. Feminine of Francis .. Usage of Frances as a birth name for girls has trended downward over the years since 1910. The forms Fronia, Francoise, Francie, Francene and Fanny are generally used as versions of Frances. [Fan, Fancey, Fancie, Fancy, .. , .. 41 more]

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[Asteria - Frances]
Asteria, Evangeline [Eve, Evie, Vangy, Vangie, Evangelia, Evangelyn, Ewangelina, Evangelina, Evangelista, Evangeliste, ..], Fancy, Frances [Fronia, Franky, Franni, Franzi, Franny, Frannie, Franzetta, Franziska, Fransabella, Fransabelle, ..]