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Fancy Names

4 Fancy names and what they mean, for fancy for baby girls, listing 1-4.

Asteria .. Greek mythology: Asteria was a woman whom Zeus took a fancy to ..

Evangeline .. Fancy name from evangelium, the term for the Gospels (Greek euangelion, from eu "good" and angelma "news") and the French diminutive -ine ..
[Engie, Eva, Evan, Evangela, Evangelia, .. 9 more]

Fancy ..

Frances ..
[Fan, Fancey, Fanchette, Fancie, Fancy, .. 41 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fancy names: Evangeline, Frances

Evangeline and Frances are commonly used names, while Asteria and Fancy are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: admiration, affection, bee, brilliant, caritas, charity, clever, colored, concept, conception, cute, dear, devotion, discretion, divine, dream, fanciful, fantasy, favor, fine, flame, flowery, glorious, good, graceful, heart, high, hope, illusion, image, invention, judge, longing, love, luxury, magnificent, myth, pleasure, proud, purple, reflection, rich, romance, shape, splendid, vision.

Lilith (Babylonian) "Belonging to the night" ..

Ravenna Place name: city in Italy famous for its Byzantine mosiacs.
[Ravena, Ravinia, Ravinna]

Claire .. Introduced to Britain by the Normans, but then abandoned ..
[Ceara, Cearra, Cheeara, Chiara, Ciara, .. 56 more]

Clelia .. She was returned, but out of admiration, the Estrucans released her along with other hostages ..

Agapi .. (Greek) "Love, affection."
[Agape, Agappe]

Almeda .. (Latin) "Ambitious." ..
[Allmeda, Allmedah, Allmeta, Allmetah, Allmida, .. 11 more]

Allura .. Based on the noun, which means "power of attraction".
[Alloura, Allure, Alura]

Bea ..

Bentley .. (Old English) "Meadow of bent grass." ..
[Bentlea, Bentlee, Bentleigh, Bently]

Aditi .. (Hindi) "Boundless." ..

Aine .. (Gaelic, Celtic) "Brilliant." ..

Caprice .. From Italian "capriccio" which originally referred to a feeling of horror causing the hair to stand on end (in Italian "capo riccio", meaning "hedgehog head") ..
[Capreece, Capri, Capriana, Capricia, Caprise]

Carita .. From the Latin word "caritas" meaning "charity, love" ..
[Caritta, Karita]

Carita .. From the Latin word "caritas" meaning "charity, love" ..
[Caritta, Karita]

Elita .. Modern coinage from the word élite, which came in the 18th century from French élire meaning "to choose" (Latin ęligere) ..
[Elitta, Ellita, Lita]

Nathifah .. (Arabic) "Clean, pure."
[Nadhifa, Nathifah, Natifa, Natifah]


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