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Fate Names

7 Fate names and what they mean, for fate for baby girls, listing 1-7. Coral, Destiny and Karma are commonly used names, while Arethusa, Fortune, Kismet and Themis are rare in comparison.

Arethusa .. Greek mythology: Arethusa was a nymph pursued by a river god, who was changed by Artemis into a stream to avoid a fate worse than death.

Coral .. In Hebrew, the word means "fate, destiny, luck" ..
[Coralee, Coralena, Coralie, Coraline, Corallina, .. 8 more]

Destiny .. "One's certain fortune, fate." Mythology: the Greek deity of fate.
[Destanee, Destina, Destine, Destinee, Destiney, .. 3 more]

Fortune .. "Good fate." ..
[Fortuna, Fortunata]

Karma .. "Fate, destiny." ..

Kismet .. "Fate."

Themis .. Mythology: Themis is the goddess of justice who is often depicted on civic buildings as a majestic female with a pair of scales to weigh the fate of mortals.
[Temis, Temiss, Themiss]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fate names: Coral, Destiny, Karma

Featured categories: friday, heaven, paradise, constellation, cup, cut, death, destruction, fortune, goal, home, interest, luck, measure, stars.

Afua .. "Born on Friday." ..
[Afia, Afiwa, Efua]

Araceli .. "Altar of heaven." ..
[Aracelia, Aracely, Aracelis, Arcelia, Arcilla, .. 3 more]

Arcadia .. Also originally the place name of a mountainous region in Greece which came to symbolize the home of simple and rustic pastoral happiness, and later, for Paradise itself.

Jancis .. First used in the novel "Precious Bane" (1924) by Mary Webb, for the character Jancis Beguildy.
[Jances, Jancess]

Altaira .. In astronomy, Altair is a star of the first magnitude, the brightest star in the constellation Aquila.

Calista .. "Cup." From the Late Latin name Calixta, feminine form of Calixtus which is used in reference by Christians to the cup containing the wine of the Christian sacrament ..
[Cala, Calesta, Cali, Calissa, Calisto, .. 20 more]

Crystal .. The English word for the clear glass, sometimes cut into the shape of a gemstone ..
[Christal, Christalene, Christalin, Christall, Christalle, .. 70 more]

Cassiopeia .. According to legend, both mother and daughter were placed among the stars after death, and there are constellations named after them.
[Cassiopia, Kassioleia, Kassiopia]

Niagara .. Niagara Falls used to be a top destination for honeymoons.

Tara .. Ancient Tara was the site of the "stone of destiny" on which Irish kings resided, and Margaret Mitchell probably had this in mind when she named the fictional home of Scarlett O'Hara in her 1936 novel "Gone With the Wind" ..
[Tarah, Taralyn, Taralynn, Tarra, Tarrah]

Deyanira .. "Devastating, capable of great destruction." ..
[Daianira, Dayanira, Deianira, Dellanira, Diyanira, .. 2 more]

Elizabeth .. Politician Elizabeth Dole ..
[Alixyveth, Babette, Beileag, Belita, Bell, .. 184 more]


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