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Amethyst - Valentina

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Amethyst 1 .. The amethyst is the birthstone for February. Amethyst is a scarcely used female name. [Amathyst, Amethist, .. 2 more]

Candelaria 2 .. Relates to the Feast of Candlemass, on February 2, commemorating Christ's presentation at the Temple. Candelaria is frequently occurring (Top 36%) as a female name, and it occurs commonly (Top 5%) as a last name in the US Census. [Candela, Candelarea, .. 2 more]

Valentina 3 .. The custom of sending cards to sweethearts on Valentine's Day came from an ancient belief that birds began pairing on February 14, the feast day of Saint Valentine (third century) .. The name Valentina has gained in popularity over time. The forms Valentine, Val and Teena are popular as variations of Valentina. [Teena, Teina, Tina, Vale, Valen, .. 22 more]

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[Amethyst - Valentina]
Amethyst [Amathyst, Amatista, Amethist, Amethiste], Candelaria [Candela, Candelara, Candelarea, Candeloria], Valentina [Valja, Vally, Valli, Valyn, Valida, Valera, Valina, Vallie, Velora, Vallatina, ..]